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2007-02-17 - I fucking LOVE Craigslist

I was supposed to go on a 30 mile ride today, but instead I bought a road bike! It's in excellent condition, doesn't need anything too major as far as repairs go, I can ride it tomorrow!


My friend DR sent me a link to Craigslist where they were selling a road bike for $125 yesterday. The ad had been posted on Thursday. We went to the seller's house today, it was a perfect fit for me! Now I just have to get used to a new bike...it's really, really weird riding it, compared to my mountain bike, but it feels good, I can go FAST. DR made sure it was a good "fit" for me - he's a complete bike nerd, he really is. I'm really grateful he's in my life.

Anyway, it's a Panasonic, about 20 years old, sort-of retro, and most importantly, a citrus color.

Here's a detail of the front of the bike. Notice the welds - those are done by hand - they don't do welds like that anymore.


If you are interested, here's a picture of the bottom of my bike shoe with the pedal that it clips into.




I am extremely excited about this purchase. I did have to go get the pedals ($68), I will need new tires and tubes (maybe $50-$65), and additional brake handles ($30) - so we're looking at a total of about $275 for a road bike. That ain't bad, people. I know someone who went out and bought a brand new one for over a thousand dollars. Yeah. People spend a LOT of money on bikes...


Tomorrow morning a friend is picking me up at 6:50 to go on a 45 mile ride. All I want to do is finish on my new bike. I don't want to crash, either.


Prof update - I just finished working on my abstract submission for my pro-paper - for the poster session. I'm hoping my abstract gets accepted and my prof and I can go to Philidelphia in the fall. This will look good on my resume. I guess I don't hate my prof as much as I used to.


Amor update:

We're in this really bizarre state right now, but it's all good. We never see each other because he's working so much. We see each other in the morning when he's asleep and I'm awake; and late, late at night when I'm asleep and he's awake, just coming home from work. He stays out late, ah the restaurant life, but it's his passion. It's his passion.

One good thing - we don't bicker like we used to.

Another good thing - when we do get to spend some time with each other, the time is really cherished.

We've talked about this a lot, with some anxiety, regret, wonderment, surprise, and acceptance... We're both really independent people. We think we may be one of those couples that does OK if they don't see each other all of the time. Is that sad? I don't know. That's just the way things are right now, and we're doing OK with it all.



Tomorrow after the ride, Amor and I are hanging out for the rest of the day - he only has to work brunch. He's going to read on the couch while I mix the dough for 300 cookies for my sister's wedding.

The dough will be rolled into waxed paper and frozen. I will bake them Wednesday (just slice through the frozen dough, instant rounds) after I arrive in San Antonio - the wedding's Friday. I'm peeing-in-my-pants excited!!


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