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2007-03-03 - new fam

Man, I cannot believe two weeks has gone by since I've last updated!

I've been all insane-busy with my little sister's wedding, which was on the 23rd! It was beautiful and absolutely perfect if I can use that word. It was just so wonderful to see her so happy and in love. Becky and Henry! All of his family was there - it's a huge, Mexican family. Their family's known our family for a very long time, we have a lot of history together. At the wedding I was telling one of his brothers, Man! We're FAM now! He was laughing at me cuz I said 'fam'.

Ah, it was a lot of work, but all worth it.

They went to a little B & B in the Texas Hill Country to relax for a few days afterwards. I think they're going to wait until the wedding's paid off before they go on a real honeymoon. She said they basically slept all day and night, and only got up to eat. I love it.


The riding is going swimmingly. I got a couple of modifications done on my bike yesterday, picked it up this afternoon, left my car at the bikeshop, and tore up the city with my bike tires. I got new tires with a yellow stripe around each side of each tire, and a new saddle pack made from recycled bike tubes and a yellow accent, to match my yellow bike.

I am completely in love with my "new" bike. It it like riding on a cloud of happiness. Love.


Listen, I want to thank Awnery for donating to my MS15O fundraising effort. I have to raise $400, and Awnery, you really helped me get a LOT closer to my goal, girl! THANK YOU!!!!

Also, I never thanked Anneliese who was the first person to donate thru my elink, you fucking ROCK, sister!

And, then, there was this weird donation from "anonymous", for $29.06, which, at the time the exchange rate between pounds and dollars would have exactly calculated to about 20 pounds. So, thanks, Soupstain? Can I assume it was you? That's cool, really, really cool.


People like me, and it makes me feel good.

I'm getting more confidence back as each day goes by, that school sucked from me.

It feels good.


Prof update:

We (he and I) successfully submitted the abstract Tuesday. Now we just have to wait to see if it gets accepted to be presented in the nutrition conference in September. Yea.

I actually submitted thru the internet at 10:40 p.m. Tuesday night, the deadline was 11:59 p.m. The freak actually called me at midnight to tell me he had made some minor changes. (Like I give a flying fuck) (Since I entered the submission with him as a coauthor, it gave him authorization to make changes.)

This will look good on my resume. This will look good on my resume. This will look good on my resume.

As you can see, I keep repeating this to myself as justifaction for the blatant hypocracy to my personal constitution which includes, among other things, a hatred for this man.


Well, I'm frickin' tired. I rode 45 miles today on my killer bike and I think I'm going to watch some of stupid SNL and then assoutpassout.


PS I'd like to publicly apologize to Dom for not guest entry-ing when I had the chance.

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