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2007-03-23 - broken passenger side window, stolen sunglasses and Disintegration

This morning as I was unlocking the door to my car, I noticed all the contents of my glove box were on my passenger seat. My first thought was, I don't remember doing that.... I noticed the passenger window was busted out. My car had been broken into. Damnit. I went back up to the apartment and woke up Amor. We went back down to my car - there's a LOCKED parking garage where the tenents park, and we noticed that several other cars had the exact same thing - passenger window busted out, contents of glovebox on passenger seat.

I called the nonemergency police line and made a report. Amor took me to work. He went back to the apartment and it was discovered that five additional cars had been broken into last night.

They stole my CD player (portable, worth maybe $15, that plugs into my car's tape player) that had my Cure, Disintegration CD in it, 2 pairs of sunglasses, and $5 (that wasn't visible). I was most upset about the Cure CD.

I just couldn't get into the TGIF spirit today like I normally do on Fridays. Amor was supposed to come pick me up at 4 because he had to be at work at 4:30 today. I was waiting for him in front of the hospital at 4 and he drove up in my car with the window fixed, a new portable CD player, a NEW Cure Disintegration, and he had the car cleaned and vacuumed for me! I was absolutely thrilled, I'd been neglecting the hygiene of my car for quite a while.

My husband kicks ass. I just couldn't believe it. It was as if my car hadn't been broken into at all.

Now I have a good excuse to go shopping for new sunglasses. I LOVE buying cheap sunglasses from Targe, that's where I go to buy sunglasses.


I got my hair cut today from my "new" guy. This is the third time he's cut my hair and I absolutely LOVE my hair. I never really tell him what I want, just some vague suggestions like longer here or shorter here, and he just goes for it. There has been some drama at the place where I get my hair cut.


I've really, really been getting into Houston. Amor and I think we're going to be staying here for a while. Even though we have no money and tons of credit card debt and student loans, we've been thinking about buying a house. Just thinking about it. I want to live in the city, NOT in the suburbs. But it's just so frickin expensive in the city, it's insane. I don't know what we're going to do. I'd just die if I didn't live in the city.

Every Tuesday and Thursday morning, I drive downtown for my spin class. It's still dark out, and as I turn onto the street that leads to downtown, the skyscrapers come into view, the Houston skyline, all the twinkly business building windows shining against the dark night sky, sometimes I see whole floors of lights being switched on simultaneously, as corporate Houston starts their day. It's really beautiful. When I leave this city for the weekend or whatever, and come back, it feels like home. It really feels like home.

And as I'm leaving spin class, walking to my car, as I cross the street, all the people in their business attire, are coming towards me, smoking cigarettes, drinking coffee, toting their briefcases and whatnot. Contrasting my sweaty, workout demeanor, it's just so awesome. I love it. I love this frickin city!

Amor tells me I'm all into cityscapes and electronica. (I only really like listening to electronic music lately, the radio station I listen to, I think I've mentioned before is called Computer World.) He seems to find this fascinating.

Just one of my many stages of fascination/obsession with things in my life.





Extreme fitness.


I had a dream about my son last night. (No, I don't have a son, nor am I preggie.) I think it was my future son. He had light brown skin, like mine, and such a cute little bottom on him, I was squeezing him all over and laughing with him, it was the most amazing feeling of contentment and love I'd felt in a really long time.

I told my little sister (the one that just got married) about the dream and she said, Yeah, our timeclocks are ticking, aren't they?

Our mom really wants us to have kids. All of her friends have grandkids.

My mom's dementia keeps getting worse. Every time I see her, it's a little worse.

My dad's having a mid-life crisis. He called me the other day asking me if I thought he was a good father. I was completely floored. He'd been looking at pictures of us girls when we were little, when we were going through really hard times, we were dirt poor and had to live in the office building next to my dad's shop for a year. It was in downtown San Antonio, a really rough part of town, he wouldn't let us go outside because it wasn't safe. We had to ride our bikes up and down the hallway. We didn't care - we were kids and didn't know any different. I have very fond memories of the "Shop House" as we called it back then. I said to him, Dad, we always had a roof over our heads, shoes on our feet, clean clothes, food on the table, and parents that loved us. You did the best you could. We all turned out successful women, you should be proud. It was an unexpected conversation, but I think it went well. He hasn't offed himself or anything.


Francis had wanted to hang out with me tonight, but I told her no. Let's hang out tomorrow night. I need a night to myself, in the kitchen. I'm cooking tonight, I need some therapy.

Amor and I went out last night, late. It was 11 when he got home and I knew he was in the mood to go out, I could just tell. I had really just wanted to go get food and then come home. But we ended up checking out this new place that features wine and fancy bar food, it's supposed to be really trendy and loud, the 35-45 crowd, you know, that valets and shit. I said, yeah, Amor, let's go check it out. Well, we get there and it's packed, there are empty tables with Reserved signs on them, so we turn to leave. As we are walking out, I asked a waitress walking by, "Hey, do y'all have a wait for tables?" and she pulls us over to one of the Reserved tables, and says, "Y'all can sit here!". Cool. Kitchen's open until 1:30 in the morning, let's get to it!

We ended up having the best time, I had a glass of wine, Amor had a few more than that. It was nice. We fell asleep later in each other's arms, we were on each other's sides of the bed. We both have our own alarm clocks, and when mine went off this morning, he rolled over me, steamroller! pushed me towards my alarm clock to turn the fucker off. Love. Is. Nice.


I ended up doing the yoga three nights in a row this week. Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. It's still hard, I still sweat like a mofo. Badass.

Oh, my computer just played a song that reminded me of when I was writing my stupid paper - I always had it on Computer World as I wrote. Anyway, the song is called Killerteppich by Wignomy Bros. Have you heard it? Go hear it. It's a great song, for reals. For reals.

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