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2007-03-30 - tad

Things I left unsaid:

Thank you to Marn for donating to my MS15O fund. You rock!

I went to see the Tragically Hip March 8th at this rock club near Baytown. It was amazing. It's the second time I've seen them. It was a tiny venue for Das Hip, seeing as how they play sold-out rock stadiums in Canada. Gordie is a flippin freak, at one point some dude was crown surfing (yeah, crowd surfing to the Hip) and Gordie was pretending he had a shotgun and was repeatedly shooting the guy. And then he was laying on the floor pretending he was swimming in slow motion. Before the show, as we were walking towards the venue, this dude was selling tickets for half price, he had some he just had to get rid of! I didn't trust him, but we bought them anyway, turned out he was legit! We got in two-for-one. Sweet! Amor and I did the highfivesforall.

Then the week prior we saw Michael Franti. There weren't enough black people in the audience, is what my husband and I were both thinking. He plays to a very white crowd, umhhmm, compared to his music and this area, I just don't get it. I got to touch his hand at the end of the show - his hands are about twice the size of mine, the guy's huge! I think he's six seven. It was a cool show, positive vibes. Prior to the show, as we were walking towards the entrance to buy tickets, this old dude with long dreadlocks comes up to Amor and gives him a free ticket, no shit! So we got one of us in for free! We must have really good kharma when it comes to live music, no?


Last week I did bikram yoga four times. This week I've only gone once. Maybe I'll go tomorrow after my ride, if I have the energy.


I think the whole enchilada incident was a real breakthrough for me. Amor and I were talking about it the next day: not only did I not make the situation worse by not getting so spitting mad like I usually do, I actually made it better by making the exact same enchiladas the very next day. It feels good to be able to roll that way. I've always admired people who portray this kind of character trait on a regular basis, maybe even envied. Now I know I have some of that in me, and it feels really....calm.


I haven't really talked to Francis or DR this week. I talked to DR on the phone to get directions to a ride this Sunday, very brief convo, and I got an email from Francis about her flight info - I'm picking her up from the airport in a couple of weeks. I don't really see her a lot, though - she works out of town on weekdays, and we really only hang out every other weekend, for one night. She's on vacation in Australia right now, I hope it's good for her. She needs a break away from the same old, same old. Her apartment makes her more depressed, she says. As far as DR is concerned, well, he's smart, 38, I think he knows he's a little overbearing to people, so he's backed off. Someone who knows him described him as a "cartoon character".

Which made me think of that movie Cool World. I love that movie so much. It has the coolest ending ever.


Amor and I went out last night to dinner, and I drank too much. The restaurant was a block down from one of our favorite bars. After dinner, I said, Let's go to the bar. Partly because I knew he wanted to go, but wasn't saying anything because he knew I was drunk and tired and wanting to get to bed, which I thought was so frickin nice of him. He was all smiles. That bar has a great jukebox with a TON of different beers on tap. I played Radiohead (Go to Sleep), David Bowie (Drive in Saturday), and Depeche Mode (Clean) - Violator is one of my favorite albums on the face of the planet.

Anyway, I was a tad hungover today. It was one of those hangovers that isn't so bad when you wake up, but as the day progresses, it gets worse, you get more and more tired and progressively get less and less tolerant of people.

I'm getting better at reading him. He loves that shit.

He forgot his phone today and didn't call me on his break. He could have used someone else's phone, but I know he hasn't memorized my phone number. I think this is dumb, and he has agreed with me on numerous occassions. Anyway, I didn't get home until after 7, I had a ton of errands to run after work, so this whole day I had no idea why he hadn't called me, I was worried. I texted him Can u call me? Im worried. I know he feels bad he didn't talk to me all day. I'm going to bed early tonight, and I don't know if I'll get home from my ride tomorrow in time to see him before he goes to work. Dammit! My prediction: he'll come in to the bedroom around 1 and give me a kiss, then tell me about it later, how I squirmed away from his scratchy kisses - he sports a semi-goatee, like how Johnny Depp's been wearing his facial hair lately. I love it.

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