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2007-04-07 - A L I E N

Good evening.

You're definitely not going to believe what I'm about to tell you ----> I slept in until one this afternoon. It was pure, unadulterated, non-alcohol-induced sleep. And it felt good. My hubby was there, right beside me. I had sorta woken up at seven, and said to myself Acorn, you go back to sleep, now.

After we woke up, I made us a breakfast, healthy. I even made Amor some tea, but didn't have any myself. I've really been off the caffeine entirely for a couple of months. (My blood pressure doesn't like caffeine.)

After he went to work, I went to work for a little bit - I'm on call this weekend. Big deal, it's Easter weekend and the facility is slow. Then I went to yoga.

It's frickin FREEZING today! I mean, it's in the 30s. I cannot believe it. AND it's raining. Therefore, no bikeriding. So I had to do other things, cardiovascularly, in place of the biking. So after an hour and a half of yoga, I came home and did an hour and a half of turbo jam. I haven't done turbo jam in forever, and let me tell you, it was hard!

I know 3 hours of excercise may sound excessive to you. But see, I'm in this athlete mode, I've gotten myself all fine-tuned, and I have to maintain it for the big 182-miles-in-two-days ride come April 21st and 22nd.

And my ass has never looked this good. This guy at yoga last week said to me as we were exiting, "Man, I need to start coming to yoga more often - it makes people's butts look GOOD." I think my ass looks so damn good, it makes people want to hit on me. I told Amor, of course. He's all like, "Damn right! I should start charging people five dolla to look at your ass."


No, butt seriously, it really looks great.


Well, so now I've got some food in the oven for Amor when he gets off work. I made some chicken with pasta sauce on a bed of onion and garlic, and a sprig of fresh oregano, which is still growing on my balcony from when I had an "herb garden" when we first moved in to this place 3+ years ago.

And I'm making some basmati rice with butter and a few bay leaves.

Tomorrow, for Easter dinner I'm making a classic roast (with carrots, onions, garlic and potatoes) and fresh whole wheat bread to go along with it.

No, I'm not going to church. Traditionally, my family always went to church on Easter Sunday. Then we'd go to a park for a picnic and crack cascarones on each other's heads. The day prior, we'd hard boil some eggs and decorate them with Paas. For the last egg, we'd pour all the colors together in a big glass and end up with this ugly, brown egg of a thing.


Last night, before we crashed out, Amor and I watched the first half of Alien. My chicken's done, so I'm going to go sit down in front of the TV and see how those poor people on the spaceship fare with an alien on board. Well, I've seen the movie before, so I know that they're all totally fucked.

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