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2007-04-10 - a pissy Tuesday

It turns out that I sent the cookies for Anneliese to the wrong address - her mom's house instead of her sister's (where she was staying), so she didn't even get to try one cookie! Fortunately, they will not go to waste - her mom had a Bunco party tonight where they were served, and, hopefully, enjoyed. You know what this means? I'm just going to have to bake some more cookies for her in the future.

It's all about intention.


At yoga tonight I was kicking some major ass. I can do a backbend like nobody's business.

You put your hands together, cross your thumbs and point your index fingers, lock out your elbows up over your head, let your head fall back as far as it goes, and then follow with your hands, keeping your arms locked out, bending your back as far as it goes, try to point your fingers towards the floor as you look at the wall behind you. All the people behind me in class are upside down.


I was in a pissed off mood today. My little sister was supposed to be checking all our emails today religiously for the chance to get discount tickets to ACL, it was a timed response for anyone who got the email - well, I got the email, but she didn't check it until 40 minutes had passed, and the window of opportunity was closed. I was really miffed. Sometimes she just doesn't give a real shit about things and it really drives me nuts. Then when I call her on it, she gets defensive and thinks up every excuse in the book why she's not in the wrong. I didn't try to push the subject. It would have been really nice to get discount tickets, though. In time, she will see the error of her ways. Prediction: we'll all get drunk one night and Amor will call her on it - she listens to him. Nothing like your own sister calling you out, right? I mean, who wants to hear that? Ha.


I didn't hear from DR for a week, then he sent me a one word email that said Hello? and I sent him one back that said, Hello!. Then he sent me another one immediately back that said, Ride much? which I think means he's asking me if I've been riding my bike a lot lately. I didn't respond to this last email because it wasn't really a complete sentence.

And I'm dreading picking up Francis at the airport Sunday because it's the anniversary of something very tragic that happened to her 2 years ago, something that was out of her control and that would really give anyone a mindfuck if it happened to them, it's one of the things that contributes to her deep depression. Well, she asked me if I'd pick her up that day, because she wanted me to be with her on the anniversary of the tragedy. And I truthfully told her that I would be there for her, a shoulder for her to lean on, and I meant it. But I just can't stop thinking about how she's just so down, she's one of those people that's just down all the time, monotone voice, and it makes my skin crawl. I'm trying to find something good in my self that will help me be the good friend that I am to her. I know that last sentence doesn't really make sense. I guess I just don't want to be insincere towards her, I want to be a good friend. I don't want to keep focusing on the negative with her, but lately all I really realistically see is negative spewing forth.

I've got 4 days to get this shit straight in my head.

And maybe she'll actually be in a good mood after her vacation.


Well listen, Amor's on his way home from work, it's 11:42 p.m. and I gots ta go!

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