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2007-04-14 - seventy two miles of headwind

Today's ride kicked my ass, but in a good way. I arrived planning on doing the 72 mile route (the longest route). After riding for about 10 miles, the winds picked up massively, a cold front blew through, and we (all 1500 of us) all were battling a major headwind. It was hard to ride in a straight line. At the 3rd rest stop, about 30 miles in, I decided to chickn out and turn off at the 62 mile route. I'd had it.

But then about mile 50, something happened. Amidst the torturous headwind, like someone was pulling on my back wheel, I just decided to go for it, go for the 72 miles.

I was one of about only 50 cyclists to do the 72 route, out of 1500! Most everyone chickened out. They got intimidated by the frickin wind, amazing. It was hard, yeah, but not any different than going up some dang hills.

Heaven: the last 7 miles of the ride were with the wind behind us.

I saw TONS of roadkill. Armadillos, frogs, snakes, and possum. There were also TONS of cows, some of them moooooed at me. They all congregate at the edge of the fields to watch us go by, it's great.

I feel amazing right now. My body is completely exhausted, my head is so clear and open minded, I'm going out tonight. By myself. Some friends may join me later, and I'll prolly hook up with my husband later...YEAH!


PLEASE check out Kraftwerk's album Tour De France Soundtracks. I wonder if Lance has heard it.

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