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2007-04-29 - mission accomplished

HI! I made it! I'm alive! It was awesome, thanks for all your cool vibes, it really carried me through. I've done nothing like this before, it was an incredible experience, I definitely want to do it again in the future. I have very limited time right now, so I will give you pictures of my bad self!

Here's me airing my tires Saturday morning, it was a very foggy morning.


That's me on the right. It looks like I am in deep thought about the ride. We had to wait a little while before they let us all start.


Amor got a nice shot of me starting the ride. I didn't see him until 2 days later as I rode into Austin on my bike.


Halfway thru the ride, we stopped in La Grange to spend the night. My team made paella, it was soooo good.


They also roasted a whole pig. There were 20,000 people at the overnight stop, everyone had tents, those huge party tents, and individual tents to sleep in, if you wanted. Our team definitely had the coolest tent.


My people! This was just a small part of the whole team. I will tell you about the whole ride later when I have more time, but you don't ride with your whole team. I was alone most of the whole thing. At the very end of the ride, I ended up hooking up with this group, which really helped me out. The last 20 miles for me was pretty hard. My friend DR stayed with me and really came through as a friend, I was stunned. I think he's the kind of friend I have to take in small doses. That's him second from the right.


Off to the ifest today! Then a soccer game with Amor when he gets off work!



So many good, good things are happening to me right now. I wish I had more time to tell you about them.

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