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2007-05-17 - a glitter car and a new job

We got a mac and I'm still figuring out how it works. Things are different, but I hear things eventually will kick ass.

While I have figured out how to transfer my pictures from my camera to the computer, I'm unable to figure out how to compress my pictures.

Sadly, I'm like your grandma when it comes to figuring out how to download things. One of these days I would really like to join the ipod crowd, I really would. I guess first I need to get an ipod.


First things first...

I am giving my job 2 weeks notice tomorrow. It's really not good timing because one of my coworkers is on vacation right now (she's kinda my boss) and she won't find out until she gets back next week. I'm telling the big boss tomorrow, which, technically, is who I should be telling anyway. Another reason why it's not really good timing is because the week after I'm supposedly leaving, another coworker is going on vacation for a week and a half. This will stretch everyone very thin.

What am I supposed to do? Stay at my lower-paying job another week, miss out on more money, just to save their asses? I really didn't see myself saying yes to that. Maybe I could be considered selfish, but you weren't there when I first started this job and my coworkers were really mean and catty to me. I can say this now because I'm leaving.

The job's not official official, yet, but they did make me an offer (which I refused straightaway and held out for more cash - this is scary doing this but I recommend it to everyone, show some backbone), I'm taking a wizz quiz tomorrow morning, the background check is underway, and all parties involved are delighted and cheerful. My future boss is counting on me starting June 4th!


This is so awesome, I want to tell you more about it, details, so if you want me to email you, just drop me a line.

The best thing, though, is that I won't have to work in a stinky hospital anymore. Thank GOD. Hospitals STINK.

And with my chronically oversensitive sense of smell, that's not really an enjoyable day of work for me. I've realized, these past 4 and a half years that I have worked in a hospital, I've really dissociated myself with my sense of smell when it comes to working. Now that I know I'm quitting, the smells within the hospital seem to become more and more pungent as the days draw to a close.


We went to see Jello Biafra two nights ago, I'd never seen his spoken word before, it was awesome. I've heard his voice in song and word for SO many years, it was a real treat to see him in the flesh. He talked about smellphones, Ronald Dumbsfeld, and was oh-so-pleased that Jerry Falwell had passed.

We stayed out late. The following morning I overslept an hour and a half and was late for a meeting. Ask me if I care. Ask me if anyone cared.

No one cared.


Remember how I contacted my prof a couple months ago and we submitted my paper to the conference/poster session thing?

Well, lo and behold the fuckers took the bait and we're going to travel together to another city and state that I've never been before (Philly) in September (no, not the same weekend as ACL) to present. It's the equivalent of being published in a peer-reviewed journal, pretty big deal, I'm stoked as hell about it. I'm so glad I was able to garner some maturity, get over myself, and contact the a-hole.


I'm dogsitting this week, her name's Chance. We dogsat her a year or so ago. She's a great dog, but HELL on a leash. She's very high energy (part chow), her owners are both obese and extremely inactive, I feel so sorry for her. I've been taking her on 3 walks a day, 40 minutes to an hour each. She loves me. From walking her, my shoulder is SO sore from her lunging at everything she thinks is moving. She thinks she is going to one day eat a live squirrell, and goes after every single one she sees. The leash chokes her, and she starts to gasp with every breath, it's so loud, everyone stares at us, and then she starts hacking/coughing. It's the most hilarious thing I've ever seen. I keep telling her she's never, ever going to catch a squirrell, but she just ignores me. She's better at night when she can't see as many things.

Dogs are great.

Only thing, is that she's long-haired, our apartment is covered in hair, and I believe I'm slightly allergic. Our apartment is pretty filthy right now because of her. I'll be glad when they come get her Saturday so I can clean clean clean with my swiffer products.

It's so worth it, though. She's a hoot! She likes to gnaw on ice.

I took a cool picture of her on our couch and downloaded it into dland, but it was too big. I'll learn how to compress pictures on this thing, then life will be peachy keen like I perceived it to be on our old pc.


We went to the art car parade Saturday. It was awesome, as usual.

We saw George Clinton, he was the grand marshall. I swear, he was 30 feet away from us! Hell yeah!

When I say "we", I mean my husband and me. We are trapper keeper.

There was one car with two front ends, it was so freaky. There were two drivers at each "front" of the car, I am unable to describe how freaky it was.

Another car/truck was completely covered in chairs. Probably about 30 or so chairs, all kinds. And a big couch on the end.

This other car, it was so stupid but hilarious. You couldn't see the car at all, it was completely covered in white sheets of what looked like that fake snow stuff, and some clear plastic sporadically placed. You could tell they hadn't really spent a lot of time on it. I don't know how they saw where they were driving, but they were driving, somehow. I think I must have said it outloud "What is it?!?" Then we heard someone yell from inside the car, "I"m a cloud! I'm a cloud!" HUH? I was laughing so hard at that one.

One more car of mention: it was completely covered in glitter, like the glitter you get in tiny tubes at the craft store. The driver had a megaphone and you could tell she had been yelling in it the whole parade (we were at the end of the line), so her voice was kinda bored and she was just staying stuff to make sure there wasn't silence coming from the megaphone as she said, "I'm pretty. Glitter glitter glitter glitter, pretty glitterrrrrrr". I don't know why, but that was funny, too.

This city rocks.


No one at work knows I'm leaving, so I've had this sneaky, giddy feeling in my belly all week as the events have unfolded to reveal my future employment. You know what I mean, the missed phone calls, the emails, the phone tag, the hellos, the "how would you like to work for us?" official offer and what not.



I've really been taking a break from the working out. Since the MS15O, I've done yoga 4 times and turbo jam once, and I'm loving every minute of it. It's nice to be lazy sometimes.

Tomorrow, though, I'm going to renew my yoga for the month and get things rolling this weekend.

Oh wait, I did ride my bike Saturday with Amor to the artcar parade. That counts, right?


Oh, and frickin BJORK is going to be headlining ACL this year, did I tell you already? Well, it needs to be said again, then. Hell yeah! I've never seen her before.

I got her new CD along with the new BRMC the other day, but go so sidetracked from Bjork with the Black Rebels that I've just now switched from them to her. As you may know, my current commute to work is .9 miles. In two weeks, it will go up to 21 miles (one way). I'm looking forward to being able to listen to more than 2 songs in my car on the commute.


Once I figure out how to burn cds on this new mac, I'm going to make a mix cd for my husband. He was telling me the other day that he really admires my taste in music, that I'm dead-on with my mix cds, as Anneliese can attest to. He's got a cd I made 2 summers ago that has the Smith's that joke isn't funny anymore, and he was really, really getting into it. He was telling me how the song made him feel, when the lilting, pulsing guitar comes in loud and twangy the first time, it really, really moves you. I heard that song for the first time in 9th or 10th grade (maybe around 1989?), and had the same reaction. He'd never heard the song before, and it hit him like that. It was cool to hear him getting into it. It brought me back.

It inspired me. To make another mix cd.

As soon as I stop being retarded and grandma-y about the computer.

9:48 p.m.

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