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2007-05-18 - all my brain and body need

I'm officially sick of dogsitting this damn dog. She's terrible on the leash, yet she needs to be walked. A lot. And then to top it off, the owners were supposed to be back today, but I just called them and they're not coming back until fucking SUNDAY AFTERNOON. What fucking losers. I mean, they could have called me.

I don't think I'll be dogsitting this particular dog again.

I feel used.

The dog's owners are fucktards, as gigabytch says. What appropriate nomenclature.

Now I can't clean the apartment until fucking Sunday afternoon - I was planning on cleaning tomorrow after she left. Fuckity fuck fuck!

You know, I like spending my weekend in a clean apartment. Sometimes, Friday nights, I'll clean just so I can enjoy the rest of the weekend in a clean apartment. What the fuck am I supposed to do tonight? Star Trek II The Wrath of Khan is playing tonight at the theatre, maybe I'll go see it.


More venting:

I was planning on going to yoga tonight, but I've been under the weather the past week and a half, and today I feel particularly exhausted and congested in my chest. I'm coughing.

There goes those plans.

Maybe I should just go anyway to blow off some steam.


On the bright side, I got my official offer letter from my new job today.

I took my wizz quiz this morning. I hate having to do that, not that I have anything to worry about, but I just hate it that I have to give someone my bodily fluid. It's sort-of an invasion of my privacy.

I can't help hearing Perry say, So get your fucking piss cup out my fucking face.

I'm going to be working for a big company with the word "Corporate" in the title. I am going to have a cubicle and my own laptop and work in a big, tall, glass building.

I had the ominous task today of telling my big boss that I was quitting in 2 weeks. He actually took it very well, but I don't think he fully realizes how it's really going to screw things up once I'm gone. Not because I do so much frickin fantastic work at my job, but because my coworkers are supposedly going on vacation the weeks after I'm leaving. Oh well, that's an SEP.


Oh MAN, guess what the fuck happened to Amor today? He got in a wreck! He's totally fine, and it's just cosmetic damage to the car, and the other vehicle wasn't damaged at all, they didn't even bother calling the cops or exchanging info. It was crazy - he was actually on the phone talking to me when it happened, it freaked me out! He was like, I got in a wreck, I have to go, it was my fault, it was totally my fault. I was like, Are you OK? Are you hurt? Which he wasn't, thank GOD.

He was on his way to work, didn't see a stop sign because it was hidden behind a big van, he was speeding because he was late, and he was on his friggin cell phone. Ugh. I'm just glad no one was hurt, and that the car was not badly damaged.

Later, he was apologizing to me. To ME! I was like, Man! just be thankful it wasn't worse, and I'm not sitting next to you in a hospital bed!


7:25 p.m. Friday

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