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2007-05-28 - Day 7

I worked today a little bit, came home early. I still need to tell everyone at work this is my last week. I don' t understand why I'm stalling.

It's been raining and raining and raining all day.

I'm not going to jump back into food this eveing, nor tomorrow, either. I've got plans to make some carrot, ginger, apple juice to sip on all day tomorrow and Wednesday, as to prepare my digestive system for solid food. Plan on deck for Wednesday when I get home from work: Amor's making me some vegetable soup! I went to the grocery store today (and got soaked) and picked up: kale, leeks, mushrooms, green beans, onion, garlic, and a sweet potato.

My first 2 cleanses I jumped right back into solid food the night of days 10 and 7, respectively. I just don't feel like doing that again.

This cleanse really teaches me that I don't need food all the time. It's amazing. I mean, our society teaches us that there's something wrong with hunger, you have to fill the void immediately. I've gone 7 days without solid food, have maybe lost 5 pounds, but no ill effects. I feel like I've cleaned a lot of crap from my body. This morning's salt water flush was pretty effective. The best feelings will come later, though. Probably by the end of the week I'll feel even more wonderful.

Mainly my mood's been great, but then I get the bouts of irritablilty that don't last very long. I just ride the wave, let it pass. I don't act on it.

I'm going to do the lax tea tonight, plus the salt water flush tomorrow morning, for one last ass-kicking to the crap in my body. Then I'll start drinking the juice - I bought some organic carrots and will juice them in my Power Juicer tomorrow morning with some apples and a bit of fresh ginger - it's my favorite juice of all time.

They say you're supposed to drink OJ, but OJ doesn't agree with me very well.

Now we're going to go try to hang out with a bunch of gay Mexicans and see Morrissey. (We didn't get tickets ahead of time, so there's a chance we might not get in. We'll see...!)

6:30 p.m. Monday

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