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2007-06-02 - bolting

Thanks all who commented yesterday about my fashion dilemmas, I really appreciate it.

Becks, I went to Marshall's yesterday after work and totally scored! I got a pair of jeans and a cool black/white striped shirt (not pro clothes, but necessary items), 1 pro shirt, and another item I've been wanting to get for a while to complete this one look ---> imagine black pants, plain white, longsleeve shirt, tucked in, and a cool little black vest - sort-of punk rock, but stylish..... Well! I found the cool little black vest for $16! I'm so stoked. Becks, you're my little good luck charm.

Also, yes, Dom - I did do the "shopping on a full bladder" thing, and it works. IT WORKS! I think you're on to something...

Next trip, I will have to try Banana Republic, Derrick. I have been there a long time ago, but I remember them having some decent stuff.

My style? What is my style? This has been something only recently have I been working on. Amor and I were talking about it yesterday, how not too long ago (my husband has great fashion sense, I love shopping with him) I used to have to ask him if my clothes matched, looked OK, etc. I just really didn't care that much about clothes. Amor was very gracious in his critique. He did tell me yesterday, that some of the stuff I'd put together was pretty horrible, and we're talking 3 or 4 years ago, I'm serious.

So this is a recent thing, like I said already, that I've been getting into fashion. I want to look good, and having this new job is just fuel for the fire, so to speak.

Basically I think my style is professional with a little sexy and punk-rock in it. Or that's what I'm going for, anyway. Right now, I'm more professional than I am sexy and punk-rock, but hope to add those into the mix at an appropriate time - I don't want to be the new "fashion no-no new-girl" up at work straightaway.


There's a war in my tummy from the shrimp tamales Amor and I had yesterday for lunch. He's not feeling that hot right now, either - he had to go to work. He never lets that stuff get to him, he's a bad-ass when it comes to work.

The tamales didn't help my performance at Bikram this morning - I was so way off and weak, it's probably one of the worst classes I've ever had, as far as my energy level and abilities. I even had a slight headache off and on during class, and that never happens. But I stuck with it, I didn't sit out any of the postures, I tried my best.


I need to update you on Francis, I suppose.

She's doing worlds better, as far as her depression goes. She just had this sudden turnaround a couple of months ago, and hasn't looked back, since. I don't think the depression is anywhere near going away, she's just doing better coping with it. I still think she should get counseling, as a preemptive measure - I can talk to her about it, she's very understanding and open.

I can't take her in big doses, though. She's one of those people that talks a lot, just launches into things that have been in her head, and doesn't ask (if she calls me) if I have time to talk. Fifteen minutes will go by before I have a chance to tell her that I can't really talk right now. She has no concept. I guess I just have to stop answering the phone if it's her and I don't have time to talk. I think she should at least ask, though.

I've learned thru this whole Francis-thing that I really am a bad friend when it comes to my friends having problems. I bolt. This is horrible, and I don't like this part of my personality, at all. Why am I like this? Amor and I were trying to figure it out for about 5 minutes a week or so ago, and then I changed the subject. I really need to think about this....


I just got my hair cut. This guy I'm going to is good. I just let him do his thing. I look alright!


Well, my last day at work was very uneventful. I, of course, waited 'til the very last possible moment to tell everyone I was leaving, and I don't think that went over well with most people, but I really could give a shit less. I'm never going to see them again, I didn't want to have any going-away parties, all that "stay in touch!" crap, I just hate that shit. It was quick and painless and great. My boss gave me a good-bye card that a few people signed. It may be preceived as a pretty lame farewell by most people, but it suited me just fine. I'm actually very glad I don't have to go back to that stinky hospital ever again.

I should really not say that I'm never going back. What if I totally hate this new job?

Honestly, I don't see myself hating this new job. I looks like something right down my alley, something totally different, yet still builds upon my background. It's going to be really great, just wait and see!


I've got to go enjoy my Saturday. Toodles!

5:35 p.m.

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