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2007-06-09 - the new coworkers

Oh. My. GOd.

Is my brain fried. And that's not a question, even though the sentence is formed as such.

Where do I friggin start?

This job is going to be really hard at first, there's just so much to learn, to absorb. It's like learning a totally new language, nutrition is only a small part. Lots of computer stuff. Techmology.

My 20-mile commute going to work is about 40 minutes. Coming back, it was taking me an hour until I spoke with another new employee during orientation on another route, which shaved off about 15 minutes, which is nice. Going and coming, the sun is to my back - not having the sun in your eyes for the morning commute is NICE.

The commute? It's so strange to be driving that long to and from work, time in my car, listening to cds. So far, it's been a lot of Tori Amos - I'm getting into her again. She's this strange sort of female energy, which really ties into my new job: I'm working with women. I don't have much direct contact with men in my immediate department.

Let me give you the basic run down: I'm working in a very corporate environment, and it's extremely conservative. Apparently, I work in a "cool" department. I have my own cube. The building is very new and very huge. It's been giving me minor nosebleeds, maybe because of the new ventilation system? My wardrobe has been on the money, go Acorn. I feel confident, happy that I'm working there. It's not really a nurturing environment, my boss isn't a coddler, I think. I believe it's going to take a while to figure everyone out.

Here's who I work with:

Salma - she's my connection, sort-of who I heard about the job from, roundabout through someone at my school.

Sweet - I don't think she has a mean bone in her body. She's 10 years older than me, Salma and Foodie.

Foodie - who I've been working/training with the most this past week. We really click, as far as our personalities.

Missy - appears to be the coolest in the group, but I don't know her well enough to make this observation with complete confidence.

Boss - el jefe

Stairs - our administrative assistant. It's so cool! I have someone who makes my plane reservations and gets me my business cards. Wow!

Strange ways: Tuesday when I left work and got to my car, someone had folded up my bike-rack arms so they were sticking straight up instead of horizontally. It was really weird. Then I thought maybe the security guard did this because since they were sticking straight out originally, he thought maybe someone would accidentally walk/drive into it? Anyway, I promptly removed my bike rack when I got home. I haven't been riding my bike lately, anyway. The security guard could have left me a note, though.

This job has forced me back to the caffeine. (I'm afraid to check my blood pressure.) I can't function up to par without it! I mean, I really need it to grasp all the shit that's being thrown at me! I have a big mug of tea on the way to work, and then make myself some hot tea in the afternoon. (The company provides free tea and coffee all day.)


I was able to go to BIkram yesterday after work, it was so good. I literally stepped out of my car after the 45 minute commute and into the yoga studio. I just let all the stress from the week mash around in my body for a bit, then let it all go. It was one of my better classes.

I'm going again this afternoon with Francis.

Amor got his car back Wednesday - they took of fifty dollars for it being late. Big deal. Hola, more credit card debt.


On my commute home, there's this hill I sail over on the highway where downtown comes into brilliant view - it's also where I exit to come... HOME. I miss the city when I'm at work, I really do. This whole corporate world is so strange to me. I was speaking with someone about one of my favorite places to eat around here, and they hadn't even heard of it. WHOA! It's a whole new ballgame, and I don't know the rules.... yet.


Things I've learned thus far in the corporate world:

* I arrive at work & hit the ground running

* People are very serious about their coffee

* MS Outlook is my lifeline to everyone

* Bike racks are frowned upon in the parking garage

* I need caffeine to survive


I don't see Amor that much. I'm asleep before he gets home, and I wake up before him. We managed to have a date Thursday, it was nice. I was in a tremendously strange mood, and the beer only made it more highly entertaining for the both of us. He kept asking me, Are you OK? Are you doing alright? while laughing at me. Whoo whee. I think my brain was just overworked, and I was expressing myself slightly off-kilter.

He told me I looked "more adult".

I believe this corporate job is forcing me more into that square peg, and I'm round, you see. I think this is OK for now.


free music

My husband's going to kill me (he hates it when I talk about the celebrity gossip!), but I am just thoroughly enjoying all the drama surrounding this whole Paris Hilton media circus. Oh, it's just great! What the fuck was that sheriff thinking?

11:03 a.m. Saturday

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