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2007-07-06 - grocery list

Gainful employment, indeed.

What's been happening? I've been off d'land for 10 days. I thought it was maybe a week, tops.

Major happenings:

[] saw the Police - 'twas badASS

[] saw Sicko - made me sad that I don't live in the south of France

[] saw the Arc Angels

[] I have alternating days of feeling like a badass, and then feeling like a complete stupid ass

[] happy hour with Patty today - she's moving back to the valley in a week. I think we made ammends.

[] spent 3 days in San Diego for 'business' - I must go back when I'm not working. I didn't even get to go to the beach. What the fuck? The weather was completely heavenly. When I walked out of the airport terminal, I did not get accosted by a wall of humidity like I do here in Houston.

[] mailed bluemeany's package today - it's been sitting in my trunk for 2 weeks. I thought I'd have time on my lunch break to run to the post office, but that never happened. My husband finally mailed it for me today. He said it cost nine dollars.

[] Brin - your boys were on tv last night, played a cover of a Genesis song, that's all.

[] Lisa - yes, it's OK if you give your friend my email, so I can give her advice about going into the field of dietetics

[] I'm taking that creative painting class again. It starts Tuesday, but I'll be out of town next week - that NY training trip I was talking about. But since the 1irst class is basically useless, I'm going to call the instructor to let him know I'll definitely be at the following Tuesday night class. I'm pumped.

[] Amor and I had glorious sex the other night, the pump and grind was like throwing down the last double six domino, if you know what I mean

[] Don't let me be gone that long again. Give me a reminder via 832.7 five 4. oh 322.

[] cucumber, green grapes, celery, strawberries, cauliflower, bulk pumpkin pie spice, soy milk, whole coffee beans, Fireman #4 six pack, cheddar cheese, and sugar-free red bull.

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