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2007-07-07 - seven seven oh seven

My job is so different from what I was doing, it's starting to fuck with my head sometimes. Other times, I really manage to pull it all together. Transitioning to a corporate environment is really, really weird inside my head. I haven't found anyone who relates to this mental phenomenon, except for maybe Derrick who left me a comment, that made me think that maybe you sort-of understood. Am I right? (You said, Ah, the joys of gainful employment...)

Does anyone else know what I'm talking about?



I leave Monday for New York. I won't get back until Thursday. I don't know exactly what I'll be doing/training for. When I asked my boss, she didn't really tell me anything. Huh? I know I'll be learning computer stuff. I hope I'm not perceived as an idiot, which is how I've been feeling lately. Friday wasn't so bad, though. I bucked up, and it was a good day. Thursday I cried all the way home. I was so glad Amor had the day off, because I got home (after six) and just collapsed in his arms and cried some more. It was just a release, a release of tears.

When I first became a clinical dietitian, 4+ years ago, I had the exact same reaction to my new job. It's mental growing pains. I grow through my tears. I wouldn't dream of crying at work, though. That would be a death sentence. Fuck that.

I just have to pull through it, and not give up. I try to stay focused on the positive and maintain proper hydration.


I went to yoga today - I hadn't been in thirteen days! It felt really good, and I'm going again tomorrow. I haven't really been working out that much, doing turbo jam twice a week, but I haven't gained any weight. I think I still have some muscle mass left over from the MS15O, which burns calories when I'm doing nothing. (I sit a lot at my new job.) This is good!


Amor and I have the afternoon together tomorrow, after he gets off work, then I don't see him for four days. I am not liking this part of my new job, being away from him for so long. But it is cool going to places I've never been before.


My husband pointed out an interesting fact. Today, being a lucky day 7/7/07, is within a week of an unlucky day, Friday the 13th.

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