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2007-07-13 - I love Friday the 13th

The past 4 days, I was in Ithaca, NY. What a beautiful, interesting piece of America. I really loved it there, too bad I was doing work most of the time. The team I was training under took me out to dinner and lunch every day I was there. (As a food snob, I have to say the food didn't impress me very much.)

I am exhausted. I had an 11 hour day today, as it was my first day back after being off for 4 days. I tried to work remotely on my loaner-laptop, but my sprintcard wouldn't work in the hotel, and my time at the facility, well, I was training.

It's stressful to travel. I admit that I'm not very good at it, regretfully. I wish I was better at it, maybe the more I do it, the better I'll get.

Anyway, Ithaca! They have waterfalls! The little lake beside the town is just so cool, people boat and fish on it. I got a ten-cent tour of Cornell, now that's a college campus. They say that every year, you hear about a student who accidentally falls into one of the many gorges and dies. That sucks!

Also went to the Cornell Plantations, to a little pond with ducks, lillypads and a huge snapping turtle that, so we were told, tries to eat the ducks. Can you imagine? Apparently, it had a duck by the foot and tried to drag it underwater.


Again, I am drained.

I got off the plane last night only to find out my suitcase was lost. (Yes, again. This is the same suitcase that was lost in Europe for 2 weeks last September. That entry, by the way, is really depressing. Here's an entry that's not as depressing.) I told Amor the damn thing is cursed, I'm never using it again. He thinks I'm crazy.

It's 9:30 p.m., and I still don't have my suitcase.

And you know what? I really don't fucking care, it's weird.

I cried on the shuttle from the airport to my car. There was one other person in the shuttle besides myself and the driver, and he probably saw the tears steam down my face.

I got it all out before I came home to Amor. Which actually made our short amount of time together really good. By the time I drove home, before I saw him (I hadn't seen him for FOUR days!), I had actually talked myself into a better mood. Here was the conversation:

Me: Hey Acorn, how about doing something different tonight and NOT stay angry and upset about the suitcase. There's nothing you can do about it, and it's just going to ruin the limited time you have with your husband, who totally kicks ass because he went to the store and bought you fruits and veggies because he knows you unintentionally went off the DASH diet the past 4 days, and your insides are screaming for antioxidants and plant fibers.

Me: You know what? That's a fantastic idea. I think you should make yourself smile... right here in the car, with tears streaming down your face.

Me: Make myself smile? Isn't that faking it?

Me: Yeah, pretty much. But if you fake it, sometimes you can convince yourself that's how you really feel. Try it. Tonight, just try it. Do something different. Aren't you tired of doing the same old emotional routine?

Me: Ok, you're on.



It's 10:47 p.m. and they just delivered my suitcase!


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