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2007-07-28 - the office of a busy man

At work this week, we had people coming in from all over the country for some training. I taught part of Tuesday's sessions with Foodie. It was stressful because I had a lot of work to do (we all did), yet I had to sit through 3 days of training.

Since I started this job June 4th, I have been working late the past month, and not getting good sleep.

Apparently Thursday, I was really quiet. I didn't think about it, but Foodie, Sweet AND Salma all told me I was being quiet. And I was like, "Yeah, I guess maybe a little. I'm working on this thing, you know"....went back to my laptop. I was just super-busy and had a lot on my mind. Then later that day, Sweet came into my cube and had a little chat with me:

Listen Acorn. I've got to tell you something. Salma told me that she's worried about you. Me and Salma, well, we really like you a lot, and we want you to stay at this job, and if you keep working the hours that you're working, well, people are going to start expecting it from you all the time. You can't kill yourself like this forever. I've been working on some of my projects for two years, some things just don't get finished right away, and that's OK. You need to take breaks, enjoy your weekends.

So yesterday, I took my early dismissal day (left over from July 3rd) and left at THREE!

I've got to find balance and learn how to prioritize my projects. It's just so crazy sometimes! I just get thrown into things, because that's the only way they can teach me things.

I'm trying not to expend too much mental worry on this next thing I'm about to tell you: Foodie is off ALL NEXT WEEK. She's like, my lifeline. I gave her a hug before I left Friday and told her to have a good vacation. You know what she told me? I fucking love her....

Acorn, if you need to call me on my cell phone for anything, you can.


I went to yoga last night at 6:30 after work, and it basically killed me. I couldn't do nothin'! I've got a bunch of classes I need to use up in a limited amount of time, so I'm going today and Sunday, too. That'll be 3 days in a row. Today's going to be better than yesterday.

Francis will be there today, and then we're going to dinner together afterwards.

She bought me a shirt (I'm paying her back) at her favorite clothing store - Talbot's. JUST KIDDING, I hate Talbot's. It is the scariest clothing store I have ever set foot in, I don't know why women fucking shop there. Francis and I swore to each other that we will never, ever, ever shop there. Anyway, she got me this shirt I can wear to work, I haven't seen it yet - she bought the same one for herself and put mine on hold and she's going to wear it tonight so I can tell her if I want it or not.

I have a chick friend and we do fashion-things together.


This whole Amor-job thing SUCKS. He (accidentally) woke me up at 6 this morning, dreaming about soccer (he's been playing soccer a lot afer work with his coworkers) and kicked/jerked, so the movement woke me up. I was really exhausted, I think I was in R.E.M. sleep, but I got up anyway and made us some tea and oatmeal for breakfast. And I juiced this pineapple with some carrots, it was delicious! Oh, and some cut-up cucumber on a plate to munch on. I always have some sort of raw vegetable for breakfast, it's a habit.

So anyway, we were talking about the whole situation. He thinks I'm being insensitive when I talk about the specifics/ramifications of him not having a job, I think I'm being practical. He's such a sensitive human being, language must be carefully chosen when I talk to him, and I'm horrible at this. We're working on it, we have a good understanding and try not to let it upset us too much. I'm the way I am, and he's the way he is - we clash a lot with our strong, demanding, perfectionist personalitites - but on other levels it really works out beautifully: we're both very productive when we put our brains together.

Sometimes I wish I had an instruction manual with him.

I'm really super glad we didn't buy me that new car we were talking about last month. He agrees.

Amor has a lot to figure out. He's got to decide on a career, basically. He's never quite figured it out, honed it down to one thing, because he's good at everything. He's got to finish grad school, too. He's got so much on his brain right now, and me too with my new job. At least I'm settling into it lately, so I have some energy freed up that I can focus toward Amor more.


Yesterday was my little sister's b'day (she's 29!!!) so I called her and left her a message: I played Birthday by the Beatles, the whole song. Her husband's a big Beatles fan, so I thought for sure he'd played the song for her already, but he hadn't! It was cool. She said she loved the message.

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