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2007-10-06 - ACL Day 2

ACL Saturday September 15th

Today wasn't that great of a day - I fought with Amor and it sucked a bit. I didn't really hang out with him that much - I think I hadn't had a lot of Acorn time lately, with him not having a job (He has one, now. And we're doing fine.) So I was kinda looking forward to being without him. I thought he was being too clingy, and I didn't know how to handle it, so I hurt his feelings.

I didn't see a lot of bands. I got too drunk at 6:30 through 9:30, and it gave me a bad headache, probably because I was dehydrated. I couldn't even eat at Denny's afterwards, I had to go back to the hotel room. I think it was turning into a migraine. I took a shower and 200mg ibuprofen and lay in the bed.

12:50 - 1:30 p.m. Young Love

Rita'd wanted to see them. Amor said the lead singer was a cheese-ball, it was really entertaining, his antics. He waved to a cute girl in the audience, it was straight-up rock-n-roll with an 80's influence.

1:30 - 2:30

We all went to get good. I started drinking at this point, so did Rita.

3:30 - 4:30 Cold War Kids

I don't really remember much about them. The lead singer sounded like the guy from the New Radicals, a very distinct voice.

We then made our way to the Blue October stage and just sat for a bit. I was leaning on Amor's legs for support - it wasn't very comfortable for him, but he let me do it anyway.

Rita and Ricky

Ricky & Amor by the "Portal Potties" as Ricky was calling them.

Cool shot I took of Ricky's sunglasses with Rita's cleavage reflected in them.

Random guy we don't know with cool hair.

Me (right) & Rita (left)

Anyway, Guyliner Whining was never really my bag - the stupid-ass was wearing a suit for Christ's sake. It was 96 degrees out. What an idiot. I hate Blue October.

All 4 of us were just sitting in the sun. Now would have been a good time to reapply sunblock, but I didn't because the frontal lobe of my brain was busy being knocked out of commission by alcohol.

5:30 - Rita & Ricky left to go see someone else, and Amor and I were left alone together to see Andrew Bird. He plays violin, keyboard, and lots of other instruments, & he whistles during his songs. I was enjoying.

Then Amor wanted to talk about how I was ignoring him, and that pissed me off so I went to the portal potties and didn't see him after that. I was crying, and he didn't even know it because I was wearing my sunglasses.

Later, when I was meeting up with Rita and Ricky to see Muse, I texted Amor, and turns out he'd LEFT the festival! It was just horrible. I went to go see Muse anyway with Rita.

We decided we wanted to get as close to the stage as we could - and at this point, everyone had fastidiously staked out their real estate, big time. We forged our way through, anyway. People were NOT happy about it. We didn't give a shit. We almost got our asses kicked by some 16 year old girls, it was funny. They were, like, totally pissed off. It was worth it, though. Muse kicked ass!

They had these huge balls filled with confetti that they shoved out onto the crowd - they were more like balloons, and when they popped, confetti rained down on people.

Amor should have been with us. It was a really cool show. They were really heavy and loud and melodic. At times the lead singer sounded like Radiohead a little bit. He was really energetic and had a red, sparkly guitar.

Afterwards, Amor ended up picking us up at Barton Springs, so we all didn't have to take the bus back to the car. He had waters for us all, and hot towels from the hotel - he put them in a little soft-sided cooler to keep warm. It was really, really nice of him and it felt great after a long day in the hot sun. I don't deserve him. I was bitchy all day, and he shows up all full of love.

During the Muse show, these things were floating in the air above the stage - they looked like balloons with flickering candles in them - really cool. Ricky said later they were remote controlled.

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