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2007-10-13 - It's all I can do to keep waiting for you

It's going on almost 3 months that I've last spoken with Francis. I probably should remedy that.

I saw Across the Universe last night. It made me really happy. Even though it was supposed to be set in the sixties, it had this Napoleon Dynamite-feel to it, where you couldn't really tell when it was supposed to be occurring. The Beatles just have this timeless quality about their music that transcends space & time. And I thought it was very interesting listening to female voices sing their songs - it put a whole new perspective on things I had previously assumed about their songs while listening to them in the past. I want to watch it again to obtain the specifics of that previous statement...I can't remember them right now. And Julie Taymore - I really like her style. She did Frida, you know. So, when you go see it, look for the Five Salmas. But my favorite was Prudence, of course. She was funny. But seriously, the movie was really beautiful and outlandish at times, with lots of choreography and it made the Beatles songs more human. Additionally, their songs about war, well, I'd never recognized them before, in the sense that they were connected to the subject of war. It's just something that I've not really lived through. That was damn eye-opening. We've been watching the War special on PBS as much as we can, so it's a subject that's been fresh on my mind lately.

I'm listening to the new Radiohead right now, but this morning it was the Beatles. Great morning music. Amor left early for work, and I was left by myself. I checked my email and a friend wanted to meet me for coffee, so I gave him a call. I had decaf tea and we caught up on things. I told him how I thought the whole Radiohead thing was going to revolutionize the music business, and he told me it was bullshit and it wasn't going to change anything. He's old and cantankerous. We shall see if things change or not. I'm curious how much people are paying. Myself? I preordered the album you can hold in your hand (it gets released December 3rd), and that came with an immediate download. It was forty pounds.

I made a purchase yesterday. I acquired some reefer. Good reefer.

I decided to do the MS 150 again next year. I'm getting my bikes worked on today. I'm getting the handlebars of my Kona chopped off 1 & 1/2 inches and new shifters put on. For the Panasonic, I'm geting the hubs worked on (I may have gotten water in them last year while training, and that's not good for this kind of bike, because it's old and the hubs aren't waterproof like my mountain bike) and a new seat. Tomorrow: I ride the urban trails. Hello, asphalt!

And I'll be seeing DR again, I think I'm less sensitive about the whole negativity/anger thing that he was projecting so revoltingly last year when I consequently decided to curb the time I was spending with him.


I've been feeling better and better about my job. This past week was especially fantastic. I'm going places in my head, good places, that I thought I'd never go. It's all business-y and project-y and skillset-y. Weird. Never would I have thought I would be here.

However - I am allergic to the building. I've been having bad problems with my eyes - they itch and burn, the skin around them is all red and peeling a little bit, and puffy. It's been getting worse and worse - it started up about 2 months ago, and I've been working there for 4 1/2 months. It's a brand-new building, so there's still all this artificial carpet particles, formaldehyde from all the plastic that goes into making cube walls, desks, shelves, etc, artificial fabric covering the walls to the cubes - the list goes on and on. Anyway, my body's having this not-fun reaction to it all. (There are other things, but do you really want to hear about my itchy?)

So I went to the eye doctor yesterday and he gave me some corticosteroid eye drops. I got the script filled last night, and my eyes already feel 75% better.


I've got to go plan dinner. We've been eating out way too much, and I'm a little rusty in the kitchen.

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