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2007-10-16 - fake plastic trees

I'm going to get an air purifier for my work cube. If this eye thing doesn't get any better, I may have to think twice about staying at my wonderful, perfect, new job. I mean, the eye-thing is BAD. Over the weekend? My eyes were fine. Monday? Bad bad bad all over again. Today I was at another facility taking a training class, so the eyes were fine.

And I have to get a good air purifier, that doesn't make a lot of noise. I don't want to be known as the freak in my department.

Cool! I am listening to my Pandora Radio station called "Banana Bread" and She Don't Use Jelly" just came on. Remember that song?

Well, listen. I've got all this work crap to do tonight for a meeting tomorrow morning - I didn't have time today to do anything because of that class.

Commuting is really getting on my nerves. I think I'm going to start smoking reefer in my car on the commute home. It takes a whole hour. That's fucking bullshit. I'm going to start smoking reefer and calling all my friends to catch up, like I've been doing, except now I'll be high.

And I'll wear my ear bud hands free thing, don't worry.

I started drinking caffeine again and smoking reefer.

But I feel great! Fucking awesome! I love it. I just need to chill the fuck OUT.


You cannot imagine the thrillitude throughout my shiny body in regards to the fact that I'm going to start riding my bike again... a LOT. Fucking A, man. Oh, it's like..... good.

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