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2007-10-17 - all I need

I didn't get off work tonight until 8. There was no traffic on the way home, so that was sweet.

I think they're turning up the heat on me again at work. This happens every so often. That's why I had to stay late.

I'm going to the opera Friday with Sweet and a sister of hers - girls night out. (How often do I say that? Never.) So I'm already planning on leaving early Friday. Maybe 3:30? Fuck yeah. I've never been to the opera, and I think this is a big deal.


I made soup tonight - it was really easy. In a blender, puree canned tomatoes (I use Pomi), onion & garlic. Pour this into a hot pot, and let it sizzle while you: Empty 3 cans of beans into a collander and rinse well. (I used garbanzo, black & kidney.) Put these in the blender with half a can of chicken stock (or vegetable stock if you want it to be vegetarian), and blend up a bit, but not completely smooth - leave some whole beans in there. Empty this into the tomato broth, add the rest of the chicken broth, and cook it for maybe 30 minutes. I added spices: cumin, corriander and salt. I also added a couple dashes of hot sauce, for depth. No fat at all, and very tasty. You can put a dollop of sour cream on top, I put some grated parmesan cheese. It was really good, and filling. And FAST!

I had a Fireman #4 with it - it's still my favorite beer.


Our soccer game Monday got rained out. So did practice today.

I need to exercise. I was supposed to tonight, but I worked way too damn late.


I have to go to bed soon. It's fucking lame getting home this late and not having time for anything.


I solved the mystery of why I'm allergic to work.....

I had closed the vent (we have vents on our floor) because it's so cold in the building - when I first started working there.

I was on the internet last night, scouting around as to the cause of my symptoms. I know I can be a bit of a hypochondriac, so I was taking all the information with a grain of salt, not getting worked up or anything. But I kept reading about new buildings and how they have great ventilation systems, only it takes about 6 months for things to settle in. Well, the building I'm in is about 1 year old, so it would have been settled in a while ago. So I'm like....why am I having this sort of reaction in a building with such a great ventilation system? Well - I had this revelation: maybe I should OPEN my vent to circulate this good air. Maybe my cube has stagnant air in it? Anyway, I got to work this morning and opened my vent, and the first hour, I started to have a little bit of eye trouble, then by noon, it dissipated a bit. And I spent 12 hours there today, and it's only a tiny bit bad - I didn't take my drops today, either.

So who knows? Maybe it was the vent needing to be open. Maybe the drops did their work and I don't need them anymore. I don't know. I just hope the problem goes away, because I don't want to quit my job over a stupid building allergy.

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