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2007-10-19 - that's what I want

Good Morning!

Thank God it's Friday.

I'm getting off work today at 3:30 - my boss said it's OK. You know, she's alright. The other day, she was all pissed off about the customer service of her cable company, and she said the "f" word.

So anyway, yeah tonight's the Opera. The Opera! How friggin fancy. I have to find something fancy to wear. I've got some ideas in my closet and head - I think I may have to go a tiny bit funky tonight. This may include fishnets. We'll see - you know how you never know what sort of mood you're going to be in for an event, and you don't know what you are really going to wear? I have fat days where I can't wear anything it seems, and skinny days where I can do no wrong. I'm the sort of person that can pull off stuff (fashion-wise) that other people normally would not be able to. Goes along with how no hat looks bad on me, nor sunglasses.

Oh my God, I'm being a prick.

Anyway, I've got to go battle traffic in my shitty car. I forgot to tell you it got broken into AGAIN a month or so ago, and they stole my shitty, $10 CD player that plugs into my tape deck. What the fuck? So now all I have is the radio. I haven't gotten around to digging out my tapes, yet. I have no pride in this car, it's a piece of shit. I'm waiting to get a new car until Amor get's more established in his job, we pay off our credit card debt a little more, and we can afford the car payments.

Morning radio is a world I didn't really know much about. Now I know why people like morning radio: it wakes you up so when you get to your cube, on the way there, you're not a fucking zombie to all the morning people in the elevator. I can just hear it:

Numb nut #1: Hi! What floor?

Numb nut #2:Seven, please. Hmmm, it's Friday!!!

Numb nut #1: Sure is! Boy am I glad! This week was long, wasn't it?

Numb nut #2: You betcha!

Oh. God.

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