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2007-10-20 - turn it on

The opera last night was really, really good. I had never been to something like that. I was amazed at how the performers' voices were able to pull such emotion into the story, in song form. It was a cool story, kinda sad, A Masked Ball. I would like to do something like that again.


I have no plans today. Amor's at work all day.

I could clean the apartment. I could do laundry.

I haven't been to Bikram since the end of July. That's 2 & 1/2 months of no yoga. I think I'm going to go today. I haven't had my ass kicked in a while. I'm very excited about this! Maybe I'll even be able to do it during the week, if I'm able to get off work by 5, that is. I have to will it to happen.


I put together a 152-song list on itunes for the morning. And then Amor and I only had 40 minutes together between the time he finally woke up and then had to leave for work. I'm disappointed. I wanted him to enjoy it with me. I'll save it, and he can listen to it at another time. He and I are both very passionate about music, like different kinds of music, but are able to appreciate each other's taste. Like, it took him a while to get into Fugazi when we first started dating, but he finally was won over. Me? It took me a while to get into Erikah Badu - I think she's really cool.

I'm going to pull a mini-smed and tell you about 5 songs from my list of 152 songs:

The Healing Room - Sinead O'Connor Her voice is amazing in this song. I think it's a shame she got so much shit for tearing up a picture of the Pope on SNL. She's such an interesting soul. I got into her in college with the Lion and the Cobra. I love that song Mandinka.

Bones - Radiohead This is from the Bends album. I've just recently gotten into this one, and absolutely love it. It's right before OK Computer came out, so it's an interesting mix of their rock-Pablo-Honey days, and their transition to more synth with OK Computer & Kid A. I like to play this song over and over.

Savoy Truffle - the Beatles I'd never really listened to this song, as many times as I'd listened to the White Album. Then one day it just hit me. I fucking love the Beatles.

the Darkest One - the Tragically Hip Straight-up rock from das Hip from In Violet Light, an album that I don't really listen to that much versus their other albums like Phantom Power or Music@work.

Egg Man - the Beastie Boys I love to sing along to this song. Sam I am, down with the program. Green eggs & ham. Yosemite Sam. Paul's Boutique: enough said.


Eat your vegetables.

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