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2007-11-08 - lessons from a former pothead

Oh my God, I've had like zero free time this past week. And when I get home from work, the last thing I want to do is get on the computer.

This week I've had four 12 hour days in a row, and tomorrow may be the same. It's just I've got all these friggin projects. Yesterday I was so overwhelmed I felt like walking out because Foodie (it turns out) is horrible when it comes to training me on things. She learned her teaching/management style from someone who was really mean and impatient, so it's all she knows. Sucks for me, but at least I have Sweet to talk to. She's lovely. I don't hate Foodie, she just has bad, moody days. Not in a row, thank God. She's got problems, and low emotional intelligence.


Anyway, what's been happening?

For Halloween I got shitfaced and barfed when I got home. Then I had to get up at 5:30 the next morning to go to work and I barfed again. Let me just tell you that last Thursday SUCKED.

I'm a 33 year old woman. What the hell am I doing getting shitfaced with Amor (he was Professor Booty) at a pub and then barfing? Isn't he supposed to be taking care of me? :) We had so much frickin fun, yah. The hangover was worth it, mon.


Oh, and the smoking pot thing was a stupid idea. News Flash to Acorn: Do you remember why you quit smoking years ago? Don't you remember how it made you emotionally detached and unmotivated? What makes you think it'll be any different now?

All last week I felt stupid and contagious. I wasn't very productive and I'm having to pay for it this week.


Drugs are bad. You shouldn't do drugs, mmmkay?

Well, maybe not regularly. Occasionally is fine.


Well, listen. I am sick of the feel of plastic buttons beneath my fingers.


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