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2007-11-09 - Food on a Saturday night.

I freaked out at work today.

I'm coming off five 12-hour days, so I was a little crispy around the edges today.

I was at my desk eating lunch when Foodie asked me if I had this project finished, someone was waiting on me to finish. Well, I wasn't done. I have about a million project pressing on me, everything's due NOW. I had tried to work on it last night, but I couldn't get it. So I told her, Do you want me to stop eating lunch and do it now?

And she said Yeah! and she was kidding, and I knew she was kidding, but it upset me anyway. So I stormed up out of my chair, packed my lunch up and walked off in a huff to put it back in the fridge. I had lost my appetite.

While I'm having my fit, Foodie's asking me if I'm OK, I was really just kidding, Acorn! But it was too late. I was already working on the damn thing. I told her I know it needed to be done, but I hadn't been able to get it right. And I lost my appetite, I'll eat later.

So she came over to my desk and helped me finish the project really quick. It was really cool of her, and talked about how we were both stressed out all week. Wasn't that cool of her?

Anyway, I called her on my way home at 7 this evening to leave her a message. I apologized.

I'm a dick.


So for therapy tonight I spent some time in the kitchen. It's always so nice to build a meal in my favorite room in the house. It's the heart of our home, Amor and I. It really is. We have always connected with food, and always will. Me with my dietetics background, and him with his chef abilities. It's really rad.

I made this pasta casserole. First, I cooked up some parmesan cheese mac-n-cheese, then browned up some Italian sausage with red bell pepper, onion, garlic & carrots (there's that ampersand again, lovely), and layered that in a baking dish with pasta sauce and cheese. YUM.

And I baked an acorn squash.

Got to go eat with my man.

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