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2007-11-11 - Philly

In September I traveled to Philly for a conference for work. (I also presented my pro-paper.) I didn't have much time to myself, but managed to walk around the city a bit by myself and take a few shots.

I loved this city and I want to go back. The energy and the attitude was great.

Here's a cityscape as we (my coworkers & boss) drove in from the airport:


Buildings near my hotel:


I don't know the name of this park. You can see the huge board game playing pieces. There were kids climbing all over them, it was cool.


I loved this street lamp and how I can see the sky through the glass globes.


Of course we had to go to Pat's and get a cheesesteak.

That's mine on the right with Cheez Whiz. It was awesome!


Then right across the street was Geno's, their competitor. There is this huge protest going on because there's a sign in the window that says you have to order in English, because this is America. But from what I've read, the owner isn't mean about it, he'll even help you out with learning how to order in English if you need help. I'm not defending the guy, but to me, his intentions didn't sound bad. But whatever, you can form your own opinion.


I took a video of a pink fountain. I don't know if the water is always pink, but it was pink that day. It's called the Love Fountain.


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