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2007-11-11 - San Antonio

Mid-October, 2007

I traveled to SA to see my mom & little sister. (She's 28, but she'll always be my little sister. Hi Rita!) I'm trying to go to SA once a month now, with my mom's dementia and all. It helps Rita out a bit to have someone there. Not that it's work to take care of my mom, it's just sometimes hard on Rita having to deal with the 'rents 24/7. Especially the insane father.

Anyway, following is pictures from the property. There's so much beautiful, colorful nature around there. And the dogs & other animals. It's really peaceful..... when my dad's not around, that is.


This is my baby, Oso. He's close to 200 pounds, now. He's huge. He's all stinky and slobbery, but I don't care. I love him so much and I cry when I leave him.


This is Thor. He's the alpha-male. I think he's such a handsome dog.


Sparky. When he was a puppy, he got hit by a car and the vet told my dad his hips were all messed up & he should be put to sleep because there was nothing that could be done. His brother is Thor, and my dad couldn't stand the thought of Sparky dying, so he told the vet to do everything he could do. So they fixed his hips as best they could, and he's fine now. He can run just as fast as the other dogs. His back feet sometimes drag when he walks, and he likes to lie on his back with his legs splayed out, to relieve pressure on his hips. He's a really sweet dog. (Thor & Sparky are half Rotty, half Rhodesian Ridgeback.)


Queeny in her doghouse. She's afraid of the camera. She was abused as a puppy, so she's afraid of tools with long handles. She's super-sweet. I call her "Queeny Bo". She's a catahoula, a bog dog, from Louisiana.


A video of the Guinea Hens and nature shots:


Rita decorated the fence for Halloween.

And carved a pumpkin cat. Or is it a cat pumpkin?


Rita & I went to a friend's house and had some wine. I took a drunken video of a conversation about a carnivorous wasp. Warning: I say the "F" word.


Then Rita drove us home down I-10 in my crappy POS car. I took a video of the drive at 12:58 a.m.

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