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2007-11-11 - bike rides & glasses

A week ago, Saturday I went on a 40 mile bikeride with DR and another friend. It was a lot of hills and it kicked my ass, I actually bonked. I wasn't prepared mentally or food-wise. I'm a little out of practice with the bikeriding, so it was a good lesson to learn.

Anyway, I took one picture during that ride. It was so gorgeous that day, the weather was perfect. The rolling hills of the Texas countryside, I really enjoyed myself. This is a perfect picture, I think.


Also, I know you've been dying to see my new glasses. I still wear contacts, mostly. Amor really likes the glasses - he tells me they're really fetching. Yeah, he uses that word, it cracks me up. Anyway, here's me.....

What do you think of them?


This is my 4th entry today, so if you missed the others....(lots of pictures and links to YouTube, hell yeah!)

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I'm back into Bikram yoga, and it's been kicking my ass. But it feels great afterwards. My body feels great, and I'm starting to like how I look naked in the mirror again. Since I was away for two & a half months, they've got all these new instructors that I'm having to get used to. I mean, each class is exactly the same in the sense of the positions and order, but each instructor has their different styles. It's really interesting.

I'm horrible at Triangle, which is supposed to be the single most strengthening pose in the whole class, they say. I turn into a weakling pile of jello when I try to do it. It's a complete joke, I need to get over my fears and just friggin DO it.


I've got to go to the grocery store now for ingredients for dinner. We're having chili and I'm getting pork shoulder and some cilantro and stuff to make avocado salsa. I think I'll make cornbread too, mmm hmmm. And some cotija cheese crumbled on top, that's the shizzle.

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