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2007-11-21 - feeling fucking peachy with goosebumps

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving! We are buying the turkey this year from Rudy's BBQ, just heat-n-serve.

Everything else we're making - we all have our separate duties. I made the pumpkin pie yesterday. I have all the ingredients for green bean casserole & yams with marshmallows. (Canned yams & for the casserole ----> canned mushroom soup & frozen green beans AND those canned fried onions.) We're not really going fancy this year. We've all been working hard and we don't have a lot of time together, so we don't want to spend all our time together stressing out in the kitchen.


I finally got a new needle for the turntable - it somehow wasn't there anymore. I love my vinyl! I have 1000 Homo DJs - Hey Asshole.... and you don't. I got that in highschool. I also have Led Zeppelin - Physical Graffiti but one of the 4 sides has a scratch on it. I got it for free at a record store also when I was in highschool in San Antonio.


Yoga kicked my ASS tonight! It was so frickin humid, which made it feel like a torturous hell. GOD!

Hey, listen to this ---> Sunday I did 2 classes in a row! Why? Why did I subject myself to this torture for 3 hours? The timeline for my 10 classes in 30 days was about to expire the next day, and I had 3 classes left. So I did two Sunday & one Monday.

It's good for me. I saves me from myself.


I'm sitting here at the computer desk, I jacked up the air when I got home and now I've got goosebumps over my whole body - I don't have much on because I just got out of the shower. I feel clean and happy, basking in the glow of my yoga torture. You know when you kick ass on a workout, and then come home and take a long, hot shower and just feel fucking peachy?

I feel fucking peachy.


As soon as Amor gets his ass home, we'll eat something really quick-like and then drive to SA.

Oh, thank God, the air just turned off.


Listen, I've got to share something with you.

About me & Amor...... we laugh a lot together. We're close. I remember when I finished school and did the MS150, I had this overwhelming feeling that he & I, our marriage, well, we were going to be OK. I was over the depth of darkness that I had fallen into. And you know what? I'm still out of those depths, it's so far away. I mean, Amor & I - hell - we're not fucking perfect. He still annoys the holy hell out of me sometimes, as well as me with him. But we are having so much fun right now. I'm just sayin...

Have a nice Turkey Day!!! Eat lots of pumpkin pie!!!!

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