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2007-12-13 - Fun with things with wheels

Good Morning!

I had yesterday off work, I have today off work, I have tomorrow off work, and I have MONDAY off work!!

This is niiiiiiice.

Yesterday I went to the Dr. for a tune-up. It took half the day.

I'm getting a slew of blood tests to figure out why the fuck I still have high blood pressure on occasion (Yes, it's going to haunt me for the rest of my life. I can never ever get fat or not exercise unless I want to have diabetes and/or stroke out when I'm 40. Thanks to the wonderful genes that were assigned to me from my 'rents.)

Anyway, but you don't want to hear about THAT, now do you? *smiley face*


This past weekend was totally killer. I had a blast.

Friday I went to a work party with my hubby and met all his coworkers. He said I made him look good. OK! Happy fun time. I didn't drink too much cuz I had to get up at 6:30 the next morning for a ride. I took a video.

The ride was alright. We went about 30 miles. Everyone was on road bikes except DR and I - we had our mountainbikes so we were slower. So we got a damn good workout.

Then we hung out all day and took pictures:

This is a huge concrete sculpture of the Beatles. I love the background of downtown. I will never tire of taking pictures of downtown.


Also, by the same artist (I'm assuming) are busts of the U.S. presidents. Here's me by Lincoln:

I don't know who this president is, but he looks cool against the sky. (It was a beautiful day, if you can't tell. It got into the 80s that day. In December!!)


Then later Saturday, DR and I went to Lights in the Heights and on the walk back (after consuming some adult libations) found a frickin shopping cart.


Then Sunday I went on another ride with DR and some other people. I took pictures on this ride, as well.

This is my mountain bike. My orange Kona.


People like to make art and it looks cool with downtown as a backdrop. This particular piece of artwork is constructed out of PCP pipe. It reminds me of a Borg ship in outerspace, only with grass underneath instead of stars.


I love this bridge. I think it's the Sabine bridge. No it's not. I don't know what bridge it is exactly. But it's NEAR the Sabine bridge. Anyway, it's a cool picture.

More art.

And here's me on my bike with, wait! What's that? Downtown as a backdrop.


Thank you for spending your morning with me!

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