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2007-12-14 - baby eight

I forgot to tell you this dream I had the other night.

I dreamt I was tatooing the number eight on a baby's head.

I woke up and told my husband about it, in complete confusion - What the fuck does *that* mean?

Later on in the day, we were talking about having kids. We want to try to get preg in 2008. (Yeah, I know it was one of my New Year's Resolutions last year to get preg, but that didn't happen. We didn't try. We were careful NOT to let that happen...) Then it hit us... the dream! It's a sign, the eight in 2008.

So, maybe after I finish the MS15O in April, we'll start trying to get me knocked up, good-n-plenty.

That's going to be phreaky!!!!

I've heard that it's not as easy as they tell you in gym class.


So, we're going to go to Dallas tonight to see a good friend of ours: he's in a new band and tonight is his first gig. It's in lower Greenville (an area of Dallas with lots of clubs & bars where young people of drinking age hang out), which I haven't been to in AGES. I used to go there from time to time when I went to UNT, when I was in TAMS.

Anyway, I really need to get my nails done today, but I don't know if I'll have time or not. Yeah, I get my nails done, now. I'm so different than what I was a year or two ago. I've really changed.


Yesterday in my bikram class, I thought I was going to have to run screaming from the class, it was so hot. I thought I was going to die. I was in kindof a panic. I started to cry a little bit, but no one saw me. It was like I was working through something.


It's been really, really nice having these days off work. A nice break.... I've really been working a lot. I spend lots of time at work. There's just so much to do .... all the time.


And now I get to hang out with my hubby ALL DAY! I can't remember the last time we did that. Oh, it was probably Thanksgiving, yeah, it was Thanksgiving. Well, that was over 3 weeks ago, entirely too long.

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