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2007-12-20 - Go Nigel Go!

I had Monday off, and this whole week's been a whirlwind.

Last Friday we went to Dallas and as we were leaving the city, I took a shot of Downtown in the fog.


Anyway, it's already past my bedtime.

I've been updating on YouTube, which is weird. But I'm challenging myself to do something new and exciting. It's amazing to me how much crap is on the internet, and now I'm doing my part to contribute.

Speaking of crap on the internet, I saw that 2girls1cup video. Yeah, it's pretty fucking disgusting, but what I can't get over is do people actually like watching this kind of thing? And how do those girls get themselves to do that? So, being the curious inter-netster that I am, I looked it up on Wikipedia (Amor - do NOT go watch this video.) and found a link to the guy who does those Fear Factor shows, and his friend said they do it for cocaine. I just think that's so sad. You can tell these chicks are blitzed out of their fucking minds, and they're not enjoying themselves. Anyway, it's not the kind of porn I like to watch. The kind of porn *I* like is the sort where the people on the screen are enjoying themselves. I mean, if you are going to eat poo, at least make it look like you like eating poo, for Christ's sake.

OK, that's enought about that. I had to get it off my chest. It's been festering inside my brain for a week and a half, burning a hole in my personal constitution.


Tomorrow is FRIDAY! TGIF!

I'll leave you with a very funny video

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