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2008-01-08 - making fiends

Disclaimer: Don't read this entry either because I'm about to go into my health issues in graphic detail.


I can't believe it - I started throwing up this morning after I took my antibiotic pill. So I called my dr. and she told me to come in immediately for an antibiotic shot and a new prescription. Talk about painful - that's the most painful shot I've ever received, my arm hurts so bad right now. And if you ever want to feel really shitty, come down with a nasty case of strep throat and then throw up bile. Yeah - tasty.

I've just had it. I'm sick of being sick. I know it will end, and I feel a little better today despite my upchucking experience. So that's good. I know I need to start eating food to get my strength up, but it's really difficult to think about food right now.

I just calculated - in the past month, I have worked a total of 9 & 1/2 days.


Anyway, I was reminded of the making fiends episodes Amor told me about some years ago. I love Vendetta.

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