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2008-01-12 - Saturday

Snagged from Brin, I love this survey:

What was the first album/CD/Cassette you ever bought? Big Thing by Duran Duran

Which song gives you that "funny nostalgic feeling" everytime you hear it? Heart and Soul by T'Pau

Name the first concert you ever went to. the Revolting Cocks - I was 15

What do you consider the worst song of all time? Ice Ice Baby by Vanilla Ice

Name your fave song at the moment. Purple Haze by the Cure

What is the most recent album/CD/Cassette you purchased? Sigur Ros - Hvarf-Heim

Which song will you never get sick of hearing? Suffragette City by David Bowie

What is your current fave music video? Pagan Poetry by Bjork You can see it here.

If you could be a famous music artist, what type of music would you produce? Anything but country or rap. It'd have to have live drums, of course, definitely a band versus session musicians, I like the use of computers, for sure. But really, if I was a famous music artist, I think I'd be more inclined to be playing music, not producing it.

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