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2008-01-16 - feedback & downtown

I had to go downtown for work the latter half of the day. It was cold and rainy today, and I took a picture of my favorite subject, downtown.


Amor went to Dallas for the day for his job - they flew him up there. Like I said, he's going places with his job, figuratively & literally.


I've got to start dinner. I'm making enchilada casserole, and I'm adding zucchini to be healthy. I like adding zucchini to things because it doesn't really change the taste of the dish, but it makes it more nutritious. I made a bunch of chili puree a month or so again, and it's in the freezer, ready to use.


My little sister gave me some feedback on my latest YouTube video. She's 29, she's not really "little" anymore, but I still call her that. I probably will forever.

Hey Acorn,
I saw your latest on YouTube. Cute. I like the music for the marathon runners. That was funny. Can I make a suggestion? OK, you should have more substance to your vidoes because if I didn't know you, and if I wasn't obsessed with you or talking you or something, it might seem like you're talking about NOTHING. But, maybe you're going for the whole Seinfeld concept? jk. I'm JS-ing though. BUT what a fine job of editing! I liked your transition from you talking about what you did, to showing it. ANd good job adding music. That makes the vidoe much better. Hope you don't think i'm too critical. I LOVE YOU!!


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