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2008-01-20 - irie

I just got back from a bikeride! I feel awesome. I'm back! I haven't had any sort of aerobic activity in over a month (unless you count sex) and it was a beautiful day. I was having this dream before I woke up, Amor had just given me flowers, and he cut off the ends of the stems and placed them in a clear glass vase for me, it was magenta crepe myrtle. (He never gets me flowers, we aren't that kind of couple. Actually, I get *him* flowers from time to time.) Then we started dancing all close, really romantic-like. And after a bit, I said to him Hey babe, I need to go wake up now so I can go on my ride. And then I woke up, it was 8:15, which is about what time I'd wanted to get up to meet up at the coffee shop at 10 with my friends. Trippy!

Pics I took on the ride:

When I woke up, it was 42F. When I left the apartment, it was 47F. And now I'm home and it's 55F. I really was enjoying the cold snap of the wind with intermittent basking in the sun, as we rode around downtown and the shadows cast by the sky scrapers.

I feel good.


I took this quiz. I got it off another diarist whose name starts with N.

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