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2008-01-26 - 100 things about Acorn

100 things about Acorn

1. I do not own one pair of granny panties
2. I have freakishly small hands
3. I like doing the laundry
4. I donít like to spend more than $10 on a bottle of wine
5. My spiritual beliefs are a mix of Buddhism, paganism, Star Wars, and hard science
6. In the late 90ís, I was in a band and played bass. We played three shows, one in my apartment complex parking lot in Denton, and two in Deep Ellum in Dallas (the Curtain Club & the Galaxy Club)
7. My bass is a ĺ length black Ibanez
8. I have a scar on my left eyebrow
9. My dream car is an El Camino
10. I have 1 tattoo on the inside of my left ankle/foot/heel of a centipede
11. I got my first job at age 15 as a sample lady at local grocery stores
12. I was born on Thanksgiving day
13. I am an excellent baker
14. I floss on a daily basis with unwaxed dental floss
15. My favorite dessert is pecan pie from Goode Company BBQ
16. My husband and I met in college in the early 90s and were friends for 7 years before we started dating
17. I can tie a cherry stem into a knot with my tongue
18. My favorite band is Fugazi
19. I started college at age 16
20. I was born in a city I never lived in
21. It took me two tries and 8 years to get my masterís degree
22. Iíve dropped acid about half a dozen times
23. Iíve only been to one professional baseball game
24. Iíve never faked an orgasm
25. My favorite mixed drink is Jack and diet coke
26. My favorite season is Spring
27. Although it happens very rarely, I like drinking in the morning
28. Iíve loved foie gras from the first time I tried it
29. Iíve brewed beer
30. I only like chocolate if itís in ice cream
31. I didnít watch Star Wars until I was 18 years old (the year was 1993)
32. Iíve never seen Grease, Pretty Woman or Dirty Dancing
33. If Johnny Depp knocked on my door right now, Iíd leave my husband for him
34. I am ticklish absolutely everywhere at all times, period
35. I recently played soccer on a coed team that finished first in its division
36. Iíve been to Europe twice
37. I make my pizza and chili from scratch
38. I often sleep with earplugs in
39. I used to be afraid of flying
40. Raising a Rotweiller from a puppy helped me conquer my fear of big, black dogs
41. I can recite the beginning of the Canterbury Tales in old English Ė my mom taught it to me when I was a little girl
42. I can tell you a dirty poem in Russian Ė I used to date a guy from Latvia in college
43. I canít go to sleep unless the closet door is closed
44. I can be extremely annoying at times
45. I like to embroider and crochet
46. I think a man in a chef coat is sexy
47. I have broken several of my toes on several different occasions, but no other bones
48. I drink soy milk
49. I drive in the left lane, mostly
50. I took piano lessons for 6 months when I was in junior high
51. I like drinking orange juice when eating Oreos
52. As of January 17, 2008, I have one gray hair, I found it on my husbandís birthday a couple of years ago. I didnít pluck it.
53. I like moshing
54. I have nice handwriting
55. The best three concerts Iíve been to were Fugazi, Sigur Ros, and Ministry with Sepultura
56. The first song I learned how to play on the guitar was ďOneĒ by Metallica
57. My skin-tone is described as ďoliveĒ
58. I will meet you for a beer anytime you are in town
59. I hate shopping. I can never think of what outfits to buy when Iím at the store Ė so I look at the mannequins for reference, and buy exactly what theyíre wearing. It never fails
60. I go off and on with caffeine. Sometimes I will quit drinking caffeine for a few months, only to go back drinking it on a daily basis again
61. My main source for caffeine is hot tea with soy milk, although I love coffee (with a splash of soy milk and 3 sugars) & Red Bull (sugar free), and the occasional Diet Coke
62. I am an enigma. Sometimes thereís absolutely no logic to my preferences. (My husband made me put this one on here) They come and go like the wind.
63. We donít own a microwave. We donít believe in them. Itís been a struggle for me at work, having to use one to heat up my lunch every day. Itís weird.
64. I bring my lunch to work every day
65. I donít look good with long hair. I am a short-hair person
66. I had an erotic dream about Iggy Pop one time. He had a really huge cock.
67. I canít wear perfume. Iím hypersensitive to smells. I canít walk through the perfume section of department stores without holding my breath or else Iíll get a migraine
68. I get migraines on occasion
69. My favorite snack is popcorn. I have a stove-top crank-handle popcorn popper
70. NiNís Pretty Hate Machine changed my life in 1989
71. The coolest dog I ever met was named Joe. He was a blue heeler and his owner was a saxophone player
72. I currently have a job with perks
73. I am very clumsy
74. Sometimes I see spots, like little bright sparks of light, floating through the air in front of me
75. I love all animals. I have a way with them
76. I love cooking and being in the kitchen. Itís therapeutic.
77. When Iím feeling depressed, I like to listen to the Cure
78. I am a big fan of nature and things in the wild: plants, animals, insects, dirt and rocks.
79. I am pretty good with plant identification.
80. I like chemistry and biology
81. When I was a little kid, I used to pretend with my mom that I was a cat, and Iíd crawl around on the kitchen floor and meow, and my mom would give me a bowl of Cheerios to eat. Sheíd pet me and say, Nice Kitty!
82. I have been clinically diagnosed with high blood pressure.
83. I am of ideal body weight and activity level, my diet is great.
84. I like science fiction, and wished I read more of it.
85. I love roller coasters
86. It is a pet peeve of mine when other drivers donít use their blinkers. It drives me bananas.
87. I know how to change a tire Ė both on a car and on a bike.
88. I do a bit of my own bicycle maintenance
89. I own two bicycles Ė a road bike and a mountain bike
90. I find the concept of plate tectonics completely fascinating
91. People are kind of like atomic bonds Ė some people have covalent bonds (donate electrons), and some people have ionic bonds (share electrons) with one another, if you look at electrons as energy, which they are
92. I once got busted for drinking when I was 18 by a plainclothes cop Ė I was drinking Mad Dog 20/20 grape.
93. My favorite person on the planet is my little sister
94. I eat oatmeal every morning
95. I know how to navigate my way around the city using public transportation in Paris, London, Chicago, and Barcelona
96. I recycle.
97. I like to write with cheap, Papermate pens, black ink, medium point. I write so hard, the back of the paper feels like Braille.
98. I have an extremely keen sense of smell
99. I keep up with my friendsí birthdays
100. I feel the most free when I am on my bicycle.

I made a link to the left, "100", of this entry. I've been meaning to put this list together for a number of years, but never got around to it. The list has been ping-ponging around in my head for that long, and it took me 3 weeks to complete.

Additionally, another new link to the left is "the city" where I'm taking 1 picture a day of the city as I'm on my way to work.

These past few months as I've been commuting, I would look in my rearview mirror at downtown, and every morning it would be beautiful, but with a different background and look, depending on the weather and whether we were on daylight saving time or not. So anyway, I got the idea from the movie Smoke, where Harvey Keitel would take a picture from his smoke shop every morning in Brooklyn from the same spot. I saw that movie years ago, and the idea struck me as really cool. But I never had a changing-yet-the-same city-subject that I thought worthy of this type of photographical exercise.

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