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2008-01-27 - not too bad

I went on a bikeride yesterday and today!

Saturday, I went downtown by myself and was like a kid in a candy shop - I wanted to stop at every corner and take a picture. Actually, I think I did. Here a few of the more choice ones.


My husband thinks I'm getting a little obsessed with this taking pictures thing, but then we discussed it futher, and he realizes it's just my "thing" right now. I won't be this crazy-go-nuts about it forever.


I'm such a melodramatic fool. I was in this mood yesterday, when I was saying I didn't have any friends here.

On my ride today, I went with my bikeriding team, and there are some really, really cool people on it. I've been going on these Sunday Rides with a couple people, DR included. And this other dude, I guess I'll call him Mr. Maiden. He's really, really cool and has a fantastic porch. I told him one of these days, I'm going to steal off with it, when he's not watching. I'll put it on a vacant lot, like in Scrubs.

I have friends here in this town. I need to stop being so negative. I gave DR another chance last year, and I am really glad I did. He is, too. Now it's time for me to start nurturing these new relationships. I'm so cool lately, it was really nice today, being around so many people, so much goodwill, and love, yes, there was love and laugher, some gaffawing, too.

So, here's me on the ride. I cropped out my face because I had a horrible double chin in the picture! Ugh, you don't want to see that!


Oh, I forgot to tell you about last night...

Amor talked me into going out to one of his coworker's friend's house to watch them jam. Well, it turned out that we got to jam, too! I hadn't been on a bass in a while, not since Amor and I got frisky one night and he was at the keyboard, I on my bass, and we were banging out "Clocks" by Coldplay - what a blast! So anyway, last night, I got on the bass, Amor on the guitar. Then he switched to the drums. Then he and I switched, and I was on the drums and he was on the bass. It was pretty cool. There were double bass pedals on the drumkit, and at one point I just fucking went for it, everyone was laughing at me because I was going nuts, like Animal. I got this new haircut, and it's more spiky-outy than usual, very crazy-like, which added to my perceived presonification of the Muppet that we all know and love.

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