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2008-02-04 - a dollar's worth of quarters from a guy with a British accent

Went on a bikeride Sunday with my man - it was really nice weather. We went thru downtown and it was a ghost town - everyone was inside gearing up for the super bowl. It was really weird and peaceful. I love riding around downtown.

Then we went down this new trail that winds thru the 3rd ward and spits you out near the zoo. The monkeys were extremely vocal, it was making me laugh.

Amor spotted this building and suggested I take a picture:

He said he would have taken the picture from a different angle. I should have handed him the camera after I took my picture... but I didn't think of it at the time.

Then we went thru the museum district and I saw this hanging on the side of one of the museums - it looked OK from far away, but up close it looks cheap and stupid. I don't like this picture at all...

After our ride, he was in this great mood, it was really cool. I think it was the endorphins, and he admitted to that. It was really cool. He was touched I invited him on a ride, he doesn't ride very often, his bike needed some work (which I did before we left). I originally was going to ride by myself, but my contact fell through and I was like, shit! I should invite Amor! And I'm really glad I did. It was nice he had the day off.


I went to yoga Sunday with my cut finger. I couldn't do some of the grips very well, and I had to tape it up so it'd be waterproof. I think I maybe should have gotten stitches? It was a really huge gash. I'm afraid to take the bandaid off, for fear the flap will break open. Goddamn, it's giving me the heebie jeebies thinking about how I hacked at it with the huge knife, fuck! It's still throbbing a little bit. And it still aches when I type - I have to avoid using the hurt finger and I can't type as fast as I normally can, and I'm making more mistakes with my left hand.

We're totally out of quarters. I went to wash my car tonight on the way home in my high heels. The change machine wasn't working and this guy came up to me with a British accent offering me some of his quarters, so I bought a dollars worth. I had a one and a five - but he didn't have enough to give me six dollars worth of quarters. Well, you can't wash month's worth of dirt off a piece of shit car with just a dollar's worth of quarters.

We don't go to the bank very often anymore because we both get direct deposit.

Sometimes I get quarters at the customer service desk at the grocery store.

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