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2008-02-17 - red buds and St. Thomas

The past 5 or 6 yoga classes that I've done, I have refrained from drinking water in class. I wait until I leave the room. It makes the class easier, if you can believe it. Water is a distraction to me, and I never drank much during class anyway in the first place.

I went on a 2+ hour bikeride by myself today at noon. I really pushed myself, but realized that I've really got to start hill-training. I'm much more lax than I was last year at this time in terms of training.

I went on this trail that goes from downtown through the 3rd Ward and past Texas Southern University and spits you out near the South end of the Medical Center. All the black people were gathered outside of their churches, and you could smell people cooking yummy things in their houses. There was just this great sense of community. I love it. I waved at everyone. Everyone waved back.

There are redbuds all along the trail. I noticed they planted them some months ago, and they are just now starting to bloom.

I went to the other side of downtown, the complete opposite corner of where I take my downtown picture every day.

On my way home:


I was this close to skipping yoga today. I didn't really need to go, I'd been 3 times this week. I usually try to go 2 or 3 times. I was a little tired from my ride. I'm really glad I went. It was this one instructor I really like, her name's Cheryl. She pushes you to your limits. I had my mat right in front of her.

Anyway, you can go into the room ahead of time and lay down on your mat and just chill before class starts. Well, I had my mat next to this old dude who kept fidgeting. I'd never seen him in class before. And I said to myself (quoting the movie Simple Men) Sit still, Dennis!. And then I thought, wouldn't that be a trip if I said that to him outloud and he knew what movie I was quoting? Well, 10 minutes into class, Cheryl asked him his name because she was going to give him some pointers, and his name was Dennis. Can you believe that? He was the only person she asked to give their name. I almost flipped out right there in class. But I kept it all inside.

Today I had the best Triangle pose I've ever had. And my Standing Head to Knee: I was able to kick out somewhat during the second set. I usually just try to make the whole 60 seconds with a locked knee. Shit, I've been going for a year. It's time to go to the next level, I suppose, with Standing Head to Knee.

*hold on, I've got to take out my contacts. They are feeling all crunchy*

*ok, I'm back*

As I was saying, yoga class today was really, really good. I got a little emotional at the beginning. I still have days where I think I'm going crazy, but they're not as bad as they used to be. I'm finding balance and realize that it's OK to have a bit of crazy here and there, it's like my fix or something.


Goddamn, tomorrow's fucking Monday.

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