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2008-02-24 - good combo: biking and yoga

MAN, I have been kicking ASS this weekend with the biking and the yoga. I've been hanging out with these two chicks: Prue and Glow. Their nicknames (amongst my bking circle) are The Hammers. The push me hard. Yesterday we went on out road bikes and went about 35 miles, and then today we went again with Mr. Maiden on our mountain bikes and fucking rocked the trails downtown and stuff. AND, I have done yoga three days in a row. I can't remember the last time that happened.

Anyway, I took pictures today:

We went to a cool cemetery off Washington. I've been there before. It's very tranquil.

Today I got a SUNBURN. Yesh yesh. It hurts. I put sunblock on my arms and legs, but not my back and neck - I was originally wearing a t-shirt with a tank under it, but took the t-shirt off because it was so frickin hot. In the crux of my excitement of taking my shirt off in public, I forgot I didn't have adequate sunblock coverage.

I'm eating a banana and there's a pizza in the oven on a pizza stone and listening to walking on the moon by the Police.

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