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2008-03-02 - A nice Sunday ride down Antoine

I went on a bikeride today with my friend DR. It was a little rainy, and we had to ride against the wind in the rain on our way home, but I didn't mind it at all. The more pain the better, is what I say. It makes me stronger, and I need to be very strong if I want to bike 180 miles in two days: April 12 - 13th.

We saw this sign on the way home, before it started raining.

And then I saw this sign on the way home, after it rained.


Of the diaries that I read, here is a summary of who has voted, and if they told me who they voted for. I will include myself in this list:

Brin - voted for Barack Obama

Blaze - she did not reveal who she voted for, but did express wonderment at the fact that Clinton had just won California.

Gigabytch - voted for Ron Paul.

Acorn - Obama

Acorn's comments: I think it's fucking cool that we all voted for different people, well, except for me and Brin, we voted for the same person. But that doesn't mean we're not cool, we are still included in Acorn's Who's Cool List.


I only slept 5 hours last night. It should have been more, but oh well. I've got a slight freight train running through my head right now.
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