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2008-03-05 - Hump day

I caucused last night. It was my first time. It was great. There was this pissed off old lady telling us what to do, and in her old lady, smoker's voice, she was telling all the latecomers who didn't hear the announcement that our precinct was caucusing under the gazebo (there were 2 princincts at this particular location), Goddamnit, people! If you don't listen, you're going to miss out!!! It was just perfect. I took a picture of the line we were in, but then it turned out to be the wrong line.

I walked there. I saw this sign along the way.


I have my own bank account and I took his name off all my credit cards. He's supposed to move to another city in 2 weeks for a job. He's not happy with the one he has here, which was supposed to be his dream job.

I've told my closest coworkers and my boss. I told my little sister. I told a few of my friends, but not all of them.

I'm sort of numb. I think he and I worked out a lot of emotional stuff the past 2 or 3 years when I tried to leave him in the past, because nothing is coming out now, between us. Nothing. Which is funny, because I cancelled my Blockbuster account the other week, but they still are sending me movies, and one of them is that movie Nothing, which I know nothing about, yet was recommended to me. I think by my little sister.

I went to yoga after work. I was almost late, but made it in time. I was next to this one dude on my right who was really good, and then next to this lady on my left who wasn't very good. She was breathing heavy the whole time, and sighing and it was really distracting. Usually I'm not bothered by that, but today I was. I couldn't get a handle on the last half hour of class, which is when you're supposed to really try your hardest. I wanted to run screaming from the room, but, of course, I didn't. Afterwards, I sat on the bench - it has a cold metal back and is such a jolt when I sit back on it with my bare back (I don't wear a shirt in class, just a work-out bra and shorts), but it only lasts a second or two. The cool breeze tonight made all the torture of the previous hour and a half worth it.

My bike friend DR is insisting I go see Wilco with him Friday night. I have seen Wilco twice and I don't like them at all. He says I need to get out of the house. Ok. We'll probably smoke some reefer first, so that may make it more interesting. Probably not.

Anyway, it's late and I'm tired.

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