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2008-03-22 - Update with pictures

He's moving out today* and I'm helping him. We're in a good spot where I can do this for him. I was in yoga this morning (hungover as fuck, but I went anyway) when it hit me: I'm going to be cool and help him move. (He was gonna do it all by himself.) This whole divorce thing is difficult, emotionally. I'm on a rollercoaster and it's really hard to concentrate at work. I have an appointment with the lawyer for Tuesday. He's taking the computer, so I don't know when I'll be able to purchase one. He's out getting the U-haul right now, so he's letting me use the computer one last time. I updated my downtown pictures, the one for Thursday, March 13 is the best one ever.

I'm not going to go into all the emotional stuff. Just, it's just, well, it's not that bad. But it's still bad. I feel like I'm in an emotional fog.

So anyway, I went on a ride with my friend DR last Sunday (I'm still riding on the weekends and doing yoga when I can) and I'll leave you with some happy pictures. Thanks to Dom, Kelsi and Blaze and everyone else who's sending good vibes my way, you know who you are. I really need it, y'all.

Below is a sculpture on Main street, Downtown, by my favorite local artist, Addickes, I think is how you spell his name. While we were looking at it, this guy came by, said he lived in the apartment highrise across the way, he looks at her as the sun comes up every morning from his apartment on the 23rd floor and there's a point when the sun hits her eyes just so and it looks like she's looking into your eyes.

*He just called me - he's moving tomorrow, not today.

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