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2008-08-02 - Niko

I just have to inform you that I was *totally* joking about thinking that truck was cool looking (in my last entry). I am the type of person that I have the ability to sound completely serious when I am joking. OK? Are we cool on that? I mean, what kind of cheese-mo paints a scene like that... on his TRUCK?

Anyway, now that we have that out of the way, I want to show you a picture of my hair the other morning when I woke up and it was totally jacked:

I saw a tractor on the way to work the other day. This is highly unusual. And what's crazy? Is that it was the second time I saw it, only this time I was sitting at a light and had a chance to take a shot.

I went to Philly for work this week. I didn't have a lot of free time. I *love* Philly, even if it is the murder capital of the US.

I got a kitty! It took me frickin forever to find a name that she liked, she was really picky. Here's Niko:

I've had her for a month or so. She's the sweetest thing I've ever held in my arms, and I'm completely in love with her, and she's completely in love with me. The other morning, I woke up from a bad dream about him with tears streaming down my face. And she was lying next to me, purring, stared into my eyes, reached out her little paw and patted my tears away. It was so awesome. I love her.

Well, I've got to go download some music from iTunes: Client, Wolfsheim and Seabound.

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