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2008-08-10 - I downloaded all the Client albums from iTunes today

I totally love my cat. Before I got her, I had to solve the problem of hating litter boxes. So I think I mentioned this before: converting the hall closet into a litter box room - I installed a sturdy shelf about 2 feet above the floor, tore out the carpet, and today my friends came over and cut a hole in the door. Yeah, I'm not getting my deposit back, but I don't give a fuck. They can kiss my ass, those fuckers, letting me spend the whole weekend with my ceiling on the floor.

Anyway, here's a picture of Niko using her new facilities!

Also, please note that she likes to hang out in the shower when it's on.

I am trying to do things that make me happy, and succeeding. Just sometimes I go down the hole. Then I come back up. I swing back and forth. A lot.

Anyway, so I went on a bikeride yesterday (39 miles) and took some pictures:

This morning, I dragged my Special Friend to brunch with a few friends of mine. He swears he's not very photogenic, and therefore hides from the camera lens.

We've had a craving for hot the past 3 days, so I got the jalepeno fettucine (which came with a roasted jalepeno) and we shared it. Our mouths were burning to bad, it felt so awesome. I think it totally whet our cravings, didn't it? Special Friend? Yeah....

And the BIG news of the day is that I spoke with Anneliese on Skype today! She moved to Switzerland July 25th, taking her whole family with her, and I finally got to talk to her about it. I love Skype. My Special Friend got me a videophone for my computer, and it totally rocks.

143! Love, 23 = restlessness

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