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2008-08-16 - a rainy Saturday

I talked to my ex husband on the phone yesterday at work for an hour. At first, I was really bitchy, but we worked through it and it actually ended up being a good conversation. Well, it wasn't GREAT, but it wasn't horrible. I think eventually we will be the good friends we were before we were married, before we started dating, but it's going to take some time.

He's moved in with his new girlfriend. They are living together with her 1 & 1/2 year old son. Wow, that was kinda shocking.

I've got this weird jealousy thing going on. Even though I've moved on with my Special Friend and all, it's weird to hear of him with another girl. It's just something I've got to push past. It's really none of my business. In our convo, (it was bothering me that he swore his undying love for me, refused to admit we were having as big of problems as we were, he was living in his white-picket-fence la-la land life) I got him to admit that he never came to terms with how bad things were when we were together. He actually *admitted* this, via my promptings. That was good for me, to hear that.


I took about 3 months off yoga, and I've finally started it back up again and it makes me feel great. I really feel like I've worked through some big emotional issues this past 2 weeks. It's a form of meditation, really. It helps me focus and come to terms with shit and emotions going on in my head.

Plus still doing the biking, turbo-jam, and the gym at my job, which is just $12 a month.

Tonight, look at what me and my Special Friend are going to!!!

We had to go downtown to the Toyota center to pick up the tickets. The overhang to the will call window, I looked up, here's what I saw. It's been raining today.

I love my kitty Niko so much. She's the bomb. She let me clip her claws yesterday without a complaint. She lay upsidedown in my lap and purred, I swear! She's awesome. I'm in love.

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