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2008-08-22 - Friday night babbling

I'm sick - it goes away during the day, though, which is very convenient, since this week has been really crazy busy. The week just flew by. I'm so glad it's Friday. I'm going to hit the hay early. I'm going to take some alka seltzer cold and flu nighttime remedy, and I'm out.

Did I tell you I'm seeing a counselor, free, through my job? I get 5 free sessions, and I've had 4 thus far. It's going swimmingly. Tuesday we talked about meditation. No, not medication, meditation. I might do some reading. I like the idea of listening to a recording, such as one of my readers has been doing (you know who you are!) I think that's very cool.

Anyway, I've been feeling these past 2 weeks or so that I'm kinda over the hump with this divorce thing. It's his b'day in a week, and I bought a card at Walgreen's today to mail to him. He says his girlfriend is very cool. I guess she won't mind me mailing him a b'day card. It's got Cliff on the front from Cheers, and when you open it up it's a recording of Cliff (the bar know-it-all) talking about how drinking a cold beer on a cold day is good for you. He was a huge Cheers fan. I, on the other hand, am not.

In this world, there are two kinds of people: those who like Cheers and those who don't.

My Special Friend has taken it upon himself to school me in Futurama. While I was married, we didn't watch shows like that (even though before I was with him, I would watch 'childish' shows like that), so I totally missed out. We didn't watch the Simpsons, we didn't watch Family Guy, we did watch some South Park, but only the first 3 seasons because I had it on DVD, but none of the new episodes. It's like, he wanted us to grow up, he didn't want us to do anything that wasn't mature. It was really boring and not fun. Looking back at all his pictures, he's just so..... sad looking all the time. He's so good at lying to himself that everything in his life is just roses, he's doing that with his new girlfriend. He was bragging to me that they haven't had ever had a fight. Well, that's just fine and dandy, but if you ask me, he's going down the same road of denial, that everything's peachy. It's really sad. But who the hell am I to judge him? I'm trying to understand what happened with me and him, I'm still not done figuring it all out, you know, so I look within his personality for answers. I shouldn't judge him, I know. But I am, so... so what. That's what I'm doing.

So anyway, what I'm trying to say here, I think, is that my special friend is FUN and we laugh a LOT and he let's me TICKLE him! And he giggles and screams and tells me to stop and I DON'T! And we lay on the sofa together next to Niko and watch Burn Notice (my favorite show at the moment) and eat bad food and get drunk on Raspberry Framboise and Tecate with lime and Strongbows. That's what we do.

He let's me borrow his vacuum and cat carrier. And I bring Niko over to his place and he's got 2 kitties of his own and they romp and growl and chase each other and don't stop. It's a fucking riot! I tote her back and forth all the frickin time, she's such a trooper. She's so used to it now, she actually jumps into the carrier when it's time to go. I love her!

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