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2008-09-01 - Labor day weekend

This weekend, we went to the lake! It was so relaxing. We weren't going to spend the night, but then we ended up staying two nights, it was really, really relaxing. My Special Friend got to meet some of my good friends, which was cool. We all met in college about 8+ years ago, and we're all so different now, yet the same. One of my friends is married with a kid on the way, and it was his wife's parent's lake house.

I had to leave Niko for almost 48 hours, I didn't leave her enough food because I thought we were just going to be gone one day. I was so worried when we got back of what I would find, but she wasn't distressed at all. I love her so. The only thing she did was she stole a paper napkin from the kitchen, brought it into the bedroom and shredded it, then hid it under this mini-rug I have outside the bathroom. She's awesome.

I have a special nook in my built-in bookshelf for her water and food, it's great.

When I got home, she just wanted to purr and cuddle with me. She didn't care about the food.

Well, it's the first and I need to go write a bunch of checks for a bunch of bills. Good bye, money. Good bye paycheck.

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