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2008-09-06 - I love my cat

This week was so extremely emotionally taxing. I hadn't done yoga in a whole week, I finally went last night.

I'm wearing out my Special Friend, then I build him back up again. At least we have an understanding!

I GOT RHAPSODY!!!!! I'm so extremely excited about this, you don't even know. Let me give you some backhistory: When I was writing my propaper, before I deleted my entire diary from 2002-2004, I would listen to a Rhapsody radio station called "Computer World" and write write write write type type type my pro-paper and get all frustrated and angry and yet Computer World got me through it all. Well, when my (then) husband and I got a Mac computer, they didn't have a Mac version of Rhapsody, so it's been literally years that I've been missing it.

Well, 2 days ago, my Special Friend informed me not only is Rhapsody available for the Mac, you can get this awesome deal for $12.99 a month. No. Fuckin. Shit, y'all. I'm happy today!

I just heard "Giant" by The the and it totally took me back.

Anyway, I've got a bikeride in 20 minutes, so I've got to get.

The weather today's supposed to be fucking amazingly awesome. I'm riding my mountain bike.

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